The 5 Finest Suggestions for Best Electric Knives

These days, electric knives have become an essential part of kitchen cutlery. Thanks to their versatility, speed, and efficiency, they are the preferred choice for many professional and home cooks.

Whether we use it to slice and chop veggies and fruits, prepare fish or easily carve and cut different types of meat, an electric knife is there to help us. And, they do most of the job for us, we just need to maneuver them in the right way and voila- the food is READY! Users particularly appreciate the option to choose a knife that runs on batteries or a corded one.

However, because of the numerous options available today, people considering an electric knife may easily become overwhelmed. So, how to know which electric knife is a suitable choice for us?

If you like the idea of having a convenient knife that delivers every time, check out our 5 top suggestions below.

Happy Slicing!

Quick Comparison

Best Electric Knives Review

1. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Knife

Rapala’s Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife will make the filleting of even the toughest types of fish smooth and “painless”. The favorite option of many experienced cooks, this electric knife is not just a great option for slicing through fish, but through beef, chicken, lamb, and pork, even if you have to deal with partially frozen parts.

This corded electric knife comes with an 8-foot power cord for optimal flexibility and a 7.5-inch reciprocating blade.

With a 110 Volts power and a 12-month warranty, this may well be the best electric knife for you. Rapala uses only top-quality materials for the manufacturing of this versatile electric knife and incorporates a heavy-duty motor.

If you purchase it, you get twice the speed and three times the capacity of a standard electric knife.

If you are considering an electric knife for your fishing trips, you may find a cordless electric knife to be a more viable choice for you.

2. Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

Cuisinart’s CEK-40 Electric Knife is a top-class electric knife. Ideal for electric knife lovers, this model is efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Its blade is BPA-free and made from quality stainless steel.

If you go with this model, you will receive two different blades, i.e. one for bread and one for carving, as well as a wooden holding tray that takes up minimal space on your counter and fits in perfectly.

The ergonomically-designed and classic black blade will fit in your hand and prevent hand fatigue. And, the knife is very simple to use- you just need to press the on/off switch.

Its potent motor will help you “tackle” a large turkey for Thanksgiving or speed up breakfast preparation when you need to slice dozen of bread slices for your little ones. 

The 4-foot cord allows for optimal flexibility and the safety button is a well-thought-out addition.

The company is well-known for its ongoing dedication to quality and innovation and this knife proves that.

3. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

Hamilton Beach’s 74275 Electric Knife Set comes neatly packed in a compact case suitable for safe storing. In addition to a quality cordless electric knife, you also get stainless steel blades and a suitable carving fork for a decent price.

With the help of this practical knife, slicing and carving meat will no longer be the “dreaded” activity in the kitchen, but on the contrary, it will become your favorite.

When you have it in your knife collection, your holiday roasts will be impressively cut and served. But, you can use it for so many other tasks too, including slicing and cutting cheeses and bread.

You will particularly appreciate the longevity of the stainless steel blade. And, the stainless steel fork will ease both the carving and serving.

This is an inexpensive and solid electric knife to purchase and manufactured by a reputable company with an ongoing dedication to ease the lives of customers.

4. NutriChef PKELKN16 Electric Knife

NutriChef’s PKELKN16 Electric Knife is a suitable mid-price range choice for you if consistent and clean cuts are on your mind. The knife offers the following advantages:

  • 2 heavy-duty stainless steel blades, that is, one for cheese, meat, bread, and cake and another one for carving
  •  the elegant and handcrafted hardwood butcher block allows you to store your blades and handle inside a cabinet or on your countertop
  • effortless movements thanks to the ergonomic handle, no matter if you are slicing or carving
  • 120 V power supply (this knife definitely has the power to be your best ally for carving or slicing tougher meats, as well as for butternut, smaller watermelons, acorn, and spaghetti squash)

Satisfied customers often describe this particular knife as “easy to clean” and “works well”. With this knife, even if you have wrist problems, you will still enjoy the food preparation process!

5. Black & Decker Electric Knife

Black & Decker’s EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife guarantees an enjoyable experience every time you use it for slicing meat or some veggies and fruits. What’s more, its versatility does not stop here- you can also use it for craft projects, for example, cut foam with it!

The 9-inch stainless steel blades securely go back into their place when the intuitive trigger turns the knife on.

The design of the handle is made to fit in smaller and bigger hands and prevent wrist or finger fatigue. And, no worries about the cleaning- just click the button for the release of the blades and clean them properly, dry them, and put them back on- the knife is ready for your next task!

Thanks to the locking feature, you will be always safe around this knife. Lightweight and a feel-good knife, it makes a good cutlery addition.

Nonetheless, if you do not want a knife which is made in China, you may want to consider another option.

Buying Guide

Should I Invest in an Electric Knife?

If you prefer easy-to-use and efficient knives that can help you save up a lot of time, an electric knife is a good option for you. It requires no prior usage training or experience to produce amazing carving, slicing, and filleting results.

The best electric knives today have a sophisticated design and an affordable price. Their handiness and versatility is warmly welcomed in today’s world of busy kitchens, do not you agree?

With the continuous development of technology, these knives are being improved with each passing year. And it is not just cooks who are using it, but avid fisherman too. They often rely on fillet electric knives to peel and slice fish and to produce beautiful cuts.

According to Rob Verger from Popular Science, the two best advantages of electric knives are the zero waste and clean cuts.

If you are not sure about all the ways in which you can use an electric knife, find out in the list below:

  • Carving meat like turkey and poultry
  • Filleting fish
  • Slicing soft bread
  • Chopping and cutting veggies and fruits

Why Choose an Electric Knife over a Traditional One?

An electric knife is a smart and long-term cutlery investment. Its most preferred advantage is the low human force needed for the cutting process; namely, the blades are doing the slicing for you. You are only “in charge” of the movements.

Moreover, this knife will definitely speed things up, believe us! On average, it may take around 10 minutes to carve a turkey with a traditional knife; however, with the speed of electric knife blades, you just need a minute or two.

Last but not least, uneven meat slices and torn meat will be part of the past once you begin using an electric knife, it cuts the perfect slice of meat or fruit with every use.

How to Maintain Your Electric Knife Clean & Safe?

Without any doubt, proper maintenance and storage are vital for ensuring that the electric knife you have purchased serves you for a long period of time. But, a lot of users are often confused about how to store their electric knives and how to maintain their cleanliness.

Here are several tips that you should follow if you want to ensure your electric knife works optimally:

  • unplug its cord or remove its batteries when you want to clean the removable blades
  • clean the blades by hand with warm water and soap
  • dry the blades well prior to placing them in their protective cover
  • clean other parts of the knife, as well as the cord, with a damp cloth (dry well before using)
  • even though they keep their sharpness longer than traditional blades, they still require the occasional sharpening

Final Thoughts

In the past, electric knives were not always popular as they are today because they were not made comfortable enough and were rather loud. Nevertheless, thanks to the advancement in technology and science, they are gradually becoming the staple throughout kitchens in the world. Today’s electric knives meticulously slice meat without leaving behind any waste and the work noise is brought to a minimum.

Nowadays, there is a myriad of electric knives to choose from depending on a brand, type, price, and so on. But, this does not mean all of the electric knives out there is a viable option!

This is where our comprehensive review can be of aid. If you are a first-time electric knife user, we warmly recommend the Black & Decker or the NutriChef one.

If you are not shopping on a budget and you need a knife that will help you cut through any type of meat or veggie, the Rapala option is a smart investment.

If you are a conscious shopper and you want a BPA-free electric knife with optimal performance and enjoyable aesthetic design, Cuisinart’s knife will meet your needs.

Last but certainly not least, Hamilton Beach’s knife is a suitable choice for customers who want a cordless model useful for camping or fishing trips and a knife that produces uniform cuts and slices within minutes.

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