Top Choices for Electric Fish Fillet Knife

Why do every kitchen and skilled cook or fisherman require an electric fish fillet knife?

This is quite easy to answer- because it allows thorough, yet quick filleting.

With an electric fillet knife, you do not need to spend countless hours on the cleaning process and you will have more time to dedicate to perfecting the preparation process.

This knife is a smart investment because it requires less maintenance and less human effort, but offers durability and excellent performance. Unlike with the traditional fillet knife, with this one, you need not use that much force to ensure easy and optimal cuts.

Fish Filleted with Electric Fillet Knife

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Do I Need a Fillet Knife?

Of course, manual filleting may seem all fun and games and a great way to show off your skills and work on improving them. However, there may be a moment when not everything will go as planned, especially when you have a bigger or tougher fish to fillet.

If you are not a professional cook or a fisherman with years of experience in filleting, it may be beneficial to consider an electric fish fillet knife. This knife is a combination of speed and efficiency, which are vital for the process of food preparation.

But, experienced cooks and skilled fishermen have also been using electric fillet knives because of their longevity, quality, and results. Using an electric knife ensures that the filleting delivers and that they have more time to focus on the preparation of the meal.

Is an Electric Fish Fillet Knife for Me?

If you are considering an electric fish fillet knife over a traditional one, here are some of its best advantages that can help tip the scales:

  • They allow to clean fish faster and easier
  • They work on electric power that betters their efficiency
  • They come with reciprocating blades that enable very precise cuts
  • They are endurable and strong and can last for years
  • They can be used by both experienced cooks and beginners and ensure the best results
  • They ensure sufficient power and force for the filleting and cutting- you just need to focus on maneuvering
  • Save you money- unlike traditional knives which may have higher prices due to brand value, craftsmanship, etc., these knives are made by manufacturing machines
  • They enable precision- you can cut to a specific degree, customize the blade to a certain task, and more

Regular Fillet Knife vs. Electric One

A fillet knife is an amazing solution for people who need to fillet a major amount of fish or people who don’t consider themselves skilled at filleting with a traditional knife.

Moreover, with an electric fillet knife that does the job for you, there is little pressure and irritation on the hands and wrists and the filleting is smooth.

Unlike a regular fillet knife which is mostly designed to be used with fish and only a few other meats, an electric option is so versatile- it can help fillet numerous types of fish, carve different meats like turkey, beef, and chicken, slice perfect bread slices, and so much more.

A lot of electric knife options boast strong motors and replaceable blades with various lengths for numerous filleting ‘challenges’.

Although there are a bit more expensive models of electric fillet knives, there are many affordable models that are smart, long-term investments.

Important Factors to Consider?


Since this is an electric knife that works thanks to a motor inside, we need to take into account its power to know if it’s good for filleting. Both the ones with cords and the ones without run on a motor.

A potent motor ensures optimal performance, even during prolonged usage.

An electric fillet knife with strong power has the ability to function smoothly without any obstacles.

Therefore, if you plan on using your electric fillet knife for less light filleting activities, opt for the models with stronger power.

If you want it for lighter and sporadic usage, a model with lower power will do just fine.

The Handle

A handle on an electric fillet knife is a pivotal element- it needs to be ergonomic, comfy, and non-slippery in order to optimize the filleting and maneuvering.

This handle has to fall into the hand, without causing discomfort, pressure or tiredness, even after long usage.

Lightweight models may be more suitable if you want to use them for longer periods of time. If possible, it’s good to choose a model whose handle is suitable for left and right-hand usage.

The best choices are rubbery or plastic handles-they’re known for their easy grip and good comfort.

Material & Size of the Blade

After the motor, the blade is the second most important feature of this gadget. The motor produces a torque that allows the control of the blade.

Generally speaking, for smaller and medium-sized fish, a 7- to 9-inch blade will do great.

These tools usually have blades that are serrated and some may also be curved and most are made of quality stainless steel.

Some models’ blades can be coated with a material for additional strength and durability. For example, this can be titanium.

These knives usually have removable blades which ease the replacement, cleaning, etc.


If you opt for a model with a cord, make sure it’s a cord that’s extendable and longer. This will ease the maneuvering and moving through the space where you’re working.

If you’re not a fan of cords and the mess which they can sometimes produce, opt for a cordless model with rechargeable batteries.

This is also a suitable choice for people who plan on using this knife outdoors, for example, on camping trips, at the beach, in the garden, etc.

Safety Features

Since you’re working with electricity, safety is a pivotal feature to take into account.

A lot of the models we presented come with certifications for safety and some with specific properties that better the safety.

One of the most popular safety features is the locking mechanism which makes sure the motor doesn’t start simultaneously with the plugging in.

Another one is the ability to lock the blade when it’s not being used.


It’s always good having some additional things when buying a fillet knife, for example, carry bags for proper storage and transport.

As these gadgets often have cords, several blades, plug-ins, and other elements, it’s essential to pack them neatly, to have them all at easy access and safe from damage.

This can be accomplished with these packing bags, which many of the models we presented above include.

These bags are made of quality materials that ensure the tools stay safe and ventilated. Most of them are of quality plastic and additionally padded.

How to Sharpen Electric Fillet Knife?

A quality electric fillet knife has blades with long-term sharpness that can last up to several months and it can be sharpened once it becomes necessary.

With this electric knife, there are two ways to sharpen the dull blades. One is through electric knife sharpeners and the second is an electric sharpening rod.

If you’re not sure about these two methods, you can always take them to a professional, even though this may be the most expensive solution.

Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife Reviews

1. American Angler PRO Stainless Steel Electric Fillet Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions14 x 5.5 x 3.75 inches
ColorStainless Orange
ManufacturerAmerican Angler

Highlighted Features

  • Great for bigger fish
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Advanced airflow design
  • Potent motor

This corded model has a motor that has a 2-time stronger torque than other heavy-duty options and stainless steel blades.

The optimized airflow design will keep the device cool even after hours of usage.

The handset is also compatible with all American Angler replacements, including the 8-inch curved blade and the 8-inch curved shark blade.

The handle’s ergonomic design ensures your hand feels comfy and in control during usage and it won’t feel slippery.

This fillet knife is great for both soft and tough fish, including small and big bones. From big tuna to small breams, this fillet knife has your back.

2. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fish Fillet Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions16 x 7 x 3 inches
Item Weight1 Pounds

Highlighted Features

  • Strong, yet quiet motor
  • Reciprocating blades
  • Low vibration
  • Ergonomic handle

This knife contains a heavy duty, yet quiet motor (110 V) which doesn’t overheat even after prolonged usage. It’s made of high-quality materials. It’s a corded model with reciprocating blades.

With it, you get twice the speed and three times the power of the standard electric fillet knife.

The vibration produced is low thanks to the airflow design that helps the motor run smoothly.

Its ergonomic blade allows a comfortable and easy grip without the need for additional use of force, resulting in tiredness-free filleting and slicing.

The 8-inch cord provides sufficient reach for a successful filleting. There’s a safety button included for reducing accidents.

3. Rapala Deluxe Electric Fish Fillet Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions17 x 10 x 3 inches
Item Weight1 Pounds
ManufacturerGreen Supply

Highlighted Features

  • Various adapters included
  • Reciprocating stainless steel blades
  • Plastic case included
  • Ergonomic design

This fillet knife set comes with a potent, yet quiet and long-lasting motor and a superb flow design.

The set features all adapters for any wall outlet- whether you need to plug it into a car or a boat lighter outlet, the set has a solution.

The 7-1/ 2-inch reciprocating stainless blades are designed for any filleting job. All is neatly packed in a plastic travel case.

Its ergonomic design makes every grip will feel easy and relaxed, without any pressure and tiredness in the wrist. The 18 ft. power cord allows you to freely move around the camp or your kitchen.

4. Mister Twister Electric Fish Fillet Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 inches
Item Weight1.41 pounds
Manufacturer‎Dreme Corp

Highlighted Features

  • 120-volt motor
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient blade release
  • Versatile

This lightweight model has a strong 120 volts of motor power.  Its low weight and strength, prevent overstrain as the motor delivers the needed power and effort.

You just need to hold it lightly and use smooth movements- the rest is up to the knife!

Once the blades become dull, they can’t be sharpened-but, you can get replacements that aren’t expensive and are easily set up. 

The manufacturers have put a lot of thought into this knife- the blade has a convenient release and there’s a safety lock to prevent injuries.

You will love the 7.5 inches long blade which enables cutting through any type or size of fish.

You can also use it for other tasks like carving turkey or ham or slicing bread.

5. Cuisinart CEK-30 Electric Fish Fillet Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions4.25 x 2.75 x 11.88 inches
Item Weight1.56 pounds

Highlighted Features

  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to use
  • Quality stainless steel blade
  • Versatile
  • Dishwasher-safe

This affordable, potent, and easy-to-use kitchen gadget will simplify the filleting in your kitchen.

Whether it’s meat or veggies, its quality stainless steel blade will ensure you get even cuts in only a couple of maneuvers.

Many users consider this knife to be the ideal mixture of versatility and performance.

The razor-sharp blade is serrated to ensure optimal cutting and the blade is dishwasher safe.

Its detail-designed blade is also resistant to slippage, so you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself or damaging the gadget.

The knife’s on/off option makes it easy to operate whereas its 5-food cord will satisfy even the pickiest of knife users.

6. Bubba Li-Ion Electric Fish Fillet Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 inches
Item Weight3 Pounds
ManufacturerBattenfeld Technologies

Highlighted Features

  • Non-slip handle
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Trigger guard for security
  • Blade coated with titanium nitride

This fillet knife boasts a non-slip handle that helps you feel safe and optimizes the control of the tool. There’s an ergonomic trigger guard included for security and comfort during usage.

Thanks to the dual-rivet design, the blade is durable and strong. It’s also been coated with titanium nitride for additional robustness.

You can remove it easily when you need to clean it or when you need to use a different blade. The blades are also highly resistant to corrosion.

The handle offers a LED battery life indicator to track it easily during usage.

If you decide to buy it, you get 2 lithium-ion longest-running batteries, 4 different length blades, a wall charger, and a beautiful EVA case for storage and transport.

7. Rapala Electric Fish Fillet Knife Combo

Product Information

Package Dimensions14 x 9 x 3 inches
Item Weight1 Pounds
ManufacturerGreen Supply

Highlighted Features

  • Strong & durable
  • Double the blade speed
  • EVA-padded case

This corded electric fillet knife ensures consistent optimal speed and torque for successful filleting.

It ensures ongoing speed without speed or strength decline. The premium airflow design keeps the device cool and running smoothly.

In this combo pack, you will get the corded knife, two 6-inch & 7- ½-inches reciprocating blades, and an EVA-padded storage case.

The ergonomic handle allows comfortable filleting with low pressure and fatigue.

8. Mr. Twister Gent Electric Filleting Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions11.38 x 7.48 x 2.28 inches
Item Weight1.55 Pounds
ManufacturerMr. Twister
PricePrice not available

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight, yet strong
  • Powerful heavy duty motor
  • Optimized cutting cycles
  • Extendable cord

This electric filleting knife is lightweight, powerful, and boasts highly sharp 7-inch stainless steel blades. The contoured handle optimizes the grip and betters the control.

The power cord is extendable, durable, and strong.

The heavy-duty motor has a cutting power of 110 Volts and it’s made to optimize the cutting cycles and ensure fast and easy steady filleting.

The motor housing is a high impact and ensures additional protection. We really appreciate the fast and convenient blade release and its safety lock.

The blade’s flexibility is a leader in the field, which is an important factor for fish filleting and other carving tasks too.

It also offers premium quality sintered brass bearings.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose an electric fish fillet knife for fish that comes with a cord or a cordless one, you will make a great long-term investment.

You will quickly, easily, and efficiently fillet, slice, and cut fish and meat, but veggies, and bread, thus ensuring optimal food preparation experience and enjoyment in the kitchen and the outdoors.

Why choose an electric fish fillet knife over a standard version? -Because it reduces the need for manual usage of force and thus, prevents hand fatigue.

Their ergonomic handles and razor-sharp blades help make clean and precise cuts without worrying about slippage and discomfort.

Also, these knives save your precious time- you needn’t waste too much time on the filleting and the blades aren’t too demanding in terms of maintenance.

If you can spend a bit more on this kitchen tool, we warmly recommend our best pick which has some pretty stunning features to offer.

But, our budget pick also has some pretty great features to offer, plus, it’s a really good bargain!

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