Magnetic Knife Holder to Get More Counter Space

Surely, professionals advise us to have different types of knives in our kitchen in order to optimize the task in front of us; however, what is the best option for storing these knives?

Of course, one can use a block or a drawer for knives, but the questions are whether they can protect the sensitive blades from dulling and damage.

In order not to take risks and keep your kitchen investments safe, we warmly recommend opting for the magnetic knife holder.

Namely, this holder is the king in kitchen organization and storage and it is not just great for your knife collection, but for other metallic utensils that can get really clogged up when you keep them in a drawer or a box.

Knife magnet with different knives on the red tile background

To help you in the search for the most suitable magnetic knife holder for you, we have made a list of the 10 top choices available.

Why Do I Need a Magnetic Knife Holder?

Choosing a magnetic holder for your knives does a lot more than help you save space and enjoy a neat kitchen. It enables you to keep your knives clean and ready at all times.

Keeping our knives well separated is also crucial if we want them to last and offer optimal performance as long as possible.

With this type of knife holder, your knife collection will not constantly cling with other objects in your drawer and damage their sharp edge.

Surely, the blades will eventually become dull; however, this should happen from frequent use, not because they were clogged in a full drawer with all kinds of other utensils.

Magnetic knife holders have become one of the most popular tools for knife storage and maintenance and they are a simple and easy-to-clean surface.

They last for a long period of time and add an elegant touch and finesse to every kitchen style because of a minimal, yet beautiful design.

Elegant and versatile, you can use this holder for your other kitchen tools, not just knives.

Pros/Cons of Magnetic Knife Holders?

When it comes to extra counter space or spare drawers, not many kitchens have it; however, a lot of them have open wall space. This is where magnetic knife holders thrive because they are attached to walls or to other preferred surfaces.

They are very flexible and you can mount them practically anywhere, whether horizontally or vertically, on walls, but on cabinets, fridges, and more.

They are available in different styles, sizes, and designs and are made mainly of two materials, that is, stainless steel and wood (there are plastic options too). The former is easier for cleaning and maintenance; however, some prefer the designs that wooden racks offer.

Plus, we love how pro-hygiene these gadgets are, particularly the stainless steel ones- they require only a damp cloth and a couple of gentle strokes to shine as on the first day you bought them.  They also dry fast and naturally due to being mounted in the open air.

However, magnetic knife holders should be placed in an area where they are accessible to children and pets because of a possible injury. Therefore, it requires a bit of planning before placing it in order to prevent such unpleasant situations.

What’s more, not being cautious enough when you’re pulling a knife from a stainless steel magnetic holder may slightly damage the knife due to the magnet causing pressure on the knife, especially if the knife is not full tang.

This being said, avoid letting the sharp blade hit the stainless steel holder.

It is also important to note that magnetic holders cannot be used with ceramic knives and that there are some models that cannot be mounted on fridges.

How to Choose a Quality Magnetic Knife Holder?

Quality magnetic holders for knives are created with the highest care for all kitchen utensils, not just knives. Most of them offer strong neodymium magnets which ensure the tools are kept in place and at hand reach.

Since the magnet is hidden inside, this holder is neat, safe, and strong. A good strip will keep your knives firmly attached and you will hear a short slap-like sound when taking or putting back a knife.

In case you want to choose this holder for heavier types of knives, it is important to go with one that comes with a highly strong magnet that will be able to pull the weight. This is a crucial safety factor.

When purchasing a magnetic knife rack, make sure you opt for the one that includes the full package- the rack, a manual for installation and use instructions, mounting equipment, and all other necessary elements so that you can hang it on your own, without needing a technician and additional budget spending.

The design of the rack is a pivotal feature because it is often placed in a visible area of your kitchen. Without a doubt, no one wants to place a holder that will not match the interior of the kitchen.

Before deciding on a rack with magnets, take into account its size or length. This will determine the number of items you can place on it. Also, it determines whether you can mount it at the specific wanted location in your kitchen or elsewhere.

This being said, get a measuring tape and take the necessary measures before choosing a magnetic knife rack with a specific size or length.

Last but not least, it is crucial to take the price of the rack into account. When it comes to these magnetic holders, there is an option for every budget. Remember, just because some device comes at a high price, it doesn’t readily mean that offers optimal performance.

Research the brand and the customer experiences if you want to know if the gadget is worth the money. Sometimes, you can find a premium holder for an affordable price.

Useful Tips for Installation

After purchasing your magnetic holder, it is time for the fun part, i.e. the mounting. There are so many areas you can choose to place it in. Some of our favorites are the backsplash above the sink, below the kitchen cabinets, and near the stove.

But, there are also places where you should avoid placing your rack, for example, lower areas that are accessible to children and pets, near heat sources, and high-traffic parts.

In case of a small space, opt for taller areas of the wall to hang it vertically and place the knives crosswise. And, point the knives towards a direction where they cannot poke someone. When your rack is all set, play with various arrangements of your utensils until you find the most suitable for you.

Magnetic Knife Holders Review

1. Kurouto Kitchenware Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder

This Magnetic Knife Holder with Multi-Purpose Functionality is made from walnut rather than stainless steel and thus, it will never chip or dull your knives or develop rust.

An elegant and modern addition to kitchens, this space-saving, and ergonomic element will help you create more space on your countertops.

The rack consists of potent and rare earth magnets that will keep the knives secure at all times. Made in the US from premium walnut hardwood, this magnetic knife holder is made to last and impress.

Whether you have tiles or some other backsplash, the holder is so easy to mount it onto it- you just need to follow the instructions.

Thanks to this wooden rack, mold, and germs will be a part of the past.  

2. wooDsom Magnetic Wooden Knife Rack

wooDsom Wooden Knife Rack could be the perfect knife holder for those who prefer wood surfaces over stainless steel ones.

Potential customers will appreciate the ability to choose from several different wood types, including maple, oak, walnut, cherry, hickory, etc.

The large surface will help you hold numerous items and it has no ‘dead’ zones- the rack is fully magnetic from one side to the other.

The wood is 100 percent natural and finished with food-safe oil for an extra touch of safety and elegance.

Thanks to its amazing design, this could also make a great gift for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, etc.

It will go great in kitchens with a wooden-like accent, but in any other kitchen because wood is always stylish and always adds a magnificent touch.

3. HMmagnets Premium Magnetic Knife Holder

Premium 17-Inch Stainless Steel Knife Holder could easily become your favorite choice because it is so affordable and practical.

Made with heavy-duty magnets across the whole bar, it will never lose its magnetic force. So, you will always know that your knives are secured.

With a gentle tug, you can easily take the needed knife from the rack. When you put it back, the knife will not slip or shift. Smaller, medium, or large knife, this rack has your back.

Made using quality stainless steel and with an elegant and modern design, the rack is great for any type of kitchen style. The magnets and screws are hidden so the holder appears as if it is floating.

It is important to note that this particular holder cannot be attached to a fridge. This option is available for a higher price.

4. Dark Walnut Wood Magnetic Holder

Another top magnetic knife holder is the Dark Walnut Wood Magnetic 17-Inch Holder by Premium Presents. Though it is not fridge-attachable, it has some pretty amazing properties to provide.

The modern and beautiful dark brown wood grain texture will make your backsplash look amazing.

But, its wooden design is not its only advantage- this rack has such a strong magnetic force and knives and other utensils will stay there firmly. Whenever you need a knife from the rack, just gently pull it from the holder- it is so easy and quick.

Without a doubt, this is an excellent choice for those who want things to be clean and durable- this holder is stain- and odor-resistant thanks to the walnut’s characteristics.

5. Unique Effects Utensil Wall Rack

This is a premium stainless steel knife holder and offers double bar magnets for the secure and safe grip of your knives and other tools.

Resistant to corrosion and rust, this attractive holder with a satin finish will free up so much space from your drawers and cabinets and enhance your kitchen with its contemporary design.

What we like about this holder are the additional 6 stainless steel adjustable hooks. You can slide them in the most suitable area or remove them if you do not need them at a specific moment.

As customer satisfaction is the major priority of the company, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers.

6. Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Bar

Durable and innovative, the Modern Innovations 16-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar is one of the smartest kitchen investments you can make. For an affordable price, you get a strong magnetic force, elegant and satin finish, and premium stainless steel.

Once you place your knife on the holder, you know it will stay there. Thanks to the extended length, you will be able to place more knives than the usual length offered by other holders.

Plus, the rack is also suitable for other tools, scissors, keys, etc.

Moreover, the setup is very easy because of the mounting hardware and the easy-to-follow instructions included in the package.

If you do not want any drilling, no worries- use some heavy double-sided tape and strong Velcro strips or simply attach the rack to your fridge.

7. Premium Presents Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder

The Premium Presents Eco-Friendly Bamboo Wood Holder is an eco-friendly, durable, and wooden magnetic knife rack for those who appreciate quality and sustainability.

If you opt for this affordable and beautiful rack with great texture, you do not just organize your utensils, but you will improve the look of your kitchen backsplash.

The strong magnetic force inserted in the rack will keep all metal utensils attached, regardless of where they are on the rack. What’s more, bamboo is among the more durable types of wood and it is known to absorb very little moisture.

It is lighter than oak and harder than maple. You will enjoy bamboo because it is a material prone to stain and odor absorption.

However, this particular rack does not work with some specialty knives which are made from low or none magnetic properties.

8. Eco Kitchen Magnetic Knife Holder

Eco Kitchen Magnetic Knife 12-Inch Holder features a potent Neodymium magnet and top quality stainless steel.

With this ergonomic holder, you need not worry about rust and the magnetic force becoming weaker. This is the perfect option for the more conscious shoppers-it is made with eco-friendly materials!

With this rack on your kitchen wall, there will no longer be crowded drawers and you will easily access the knife or other utensils you need.

This rack features 4 additional metal hooks for your other utensils. Some professional chefs have rated this device as the ‘best home supply’.

And, we personally love the extra slim design which adds finesse and style to any kitchen. If the 12-inch option seems too small for you- no worries- you have 18-inch and 24-inch options as well (for a higher price).

9. Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder

Ouddy 16-Inch holder is designed with safety and modern design in mind. Featuring high-quality stainless steel and a potent magnet, this magnetic knife holder is sleek, durable, strong, and rust-prone.

Whether you place the rack to clear out the mess from drawers and cabinets or to add some interesting details to your kitchen tiles, believe us, this is a great option.

In addition to helping you be more organized in your kitchen, this rack will also keep knives and other sharp objects away from the reach of children and pets.

The length is ideal- it allows putting more knives than you can fit in regular knife blocks and it is still small enough to fit without taking up too much space.

The brand is so confident in the quality of this product that they offer a full refund or replacement for unsatisfied customers!

10. Tysonir Magnetic Knife and Tool Holder

This holder is one of the most functional magnetic holders at such an affordable price so that every family can enjoy the benefits it offers.

Convenient access and more drawer space are only some of the numerous benefits which this investment has to offer.

Your knives will be at your reach while prepping food and you will no longer have to spend time searching through the clutter to find the tool you need.

Moreover, the rack is made with potent Neodymium magnets that will help keep even the biggest knives firm and in place. The generous 15-inch length allows placing multiple knives and yet, it is small enough to be suitable for kitchens with smaller free space. The cleaning is so easy and simple- you just need a damp soft cloth and mild soap and water.

Final Thoughts

If you are tired of all that mess in your kitchen drawers and cabinets because of so many different knives and other utensils being there, it may be beneficial to invest in a magnetic knife holder.

Easily mountable, ergonomic, and durable, this holder does not only helps you be more organized in the kitchen, but it also keeps your cutlery intact and always at your reach.

From stainless steel and bamboo wood holders to walnut wood options, the 10 magnetic knife holders we compiled in this review are the best of the best. They come from reputable companies with years of experience in the field.

Magnetic holders’ simple, yet elegant design and optimal functionality and practicality make them one of the most desirable kitchen tools.

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