Knife Block vs Magnetic Strip: Which is Best?

Knife storage can be a challenge. Knives are sharp and to protect their cutting surfaces, you need to make sure that they are stored in such a way that they do not get damaged.

You also want to be sure that you do not store your knives in a way that they might fall down and hurt someone.

The most common ways of storing knives are knife blocks or magnetic strips. There are varying opinions about the right choice to make for this storage need.

Some people swear by a magnetic strip while others are certain that a block is the right storage solution for your needs.

If you are ready to learn more about these two storage options for your knives, read on!

Knives in the wooden block on the grey stone table near the brick wall.

What is a Knife Block?

Knife blocks are the most common storage solution for knives. These are wooden blocks that are made for storage of various sizes of knives.

You can store these on the counter in your kitchen and you will be able to access the knives at any time with ease.

These storage solutions can take up a lot of space, but they are a solid, secure, and safe way to store knives.

You will not find a more efficient means of storing knives safely than a knife block. Some of these blocks are even quite decorative and make for a nice addition to the décor of your kitchen.

Knife blocks have magnetic strips inside of them that secure the knives so that they cannot be tipped right out of the block if it jostled or knocked over. This means that your knives will not come out with a small jostle and that this storage solution can be quite secure.

What is a Magnetic Strip?

These are knife holders that can be placed on the wall or another surface in your kitchen. The strip is magnetic and it will hold onto your knives until you need them.

You will need to pick a very strong strip if you are planning to store large knives like butcher’s knives or bread knives on this kind of storage solution.

These are low-profile storage solutions and they can be made to be attractive so that your knife storage looks nice at the same time as saving space.

You can also easily grab knives off the strip, making cooking easy for you and your family. You will want to look for knife strips that have neodymium magnets inside for added security.

Cons of Knife Blocks

These can be bulky and some of them are not very attractive. They can also be pre-sized which means that not all of your knives will fit in the slots. They can also get dirty and be hard to clean.

You may end up having to replace your knife block if you cannot get it clean and sanitary again after a spill or if a dirty knife gets stored in the block by accident.

You can also chip or bend the knives inserting them into the block too quickly.

Cons of Magnetic Strips

The biggest issue with this kind of knife storage solution is that it can be risky for those around the knives. It can be easy to knock the knives off the strip and have them fall down, injuring people near the strip.

They can also be unattractive if you pick a low-quality brand. These storage solutions can also put pressure on the knife tang and stress the knife over time.

If you have a lot of knives to store, you might not be able to store them all on a magnetic strip. A knife block will have far more slots for storage by comparison.

Consider how you will clean and sanitize this strip as well because you can place the strip in such a way that this is difficult.

How to Choose Between These Two Storage Methods

The answer to which of these storage solutions is the best one for your needs depends on a variety of factors.

Your Kitchen Space

The kind of kitchen space you have can dictate which storage solution makes the most sense for your needs. If you have a lot of kitchen counter space, a knife block might be perfect for your needs. If you do not, a magnetic strip might be just what you need for your knife storage.

The Number of Knives You Own

If you have a lot of knives to store, you might not be able to make a magnetic strip work for your storage solution for your knives. This might be an instance where a kitchen block is the right solution for your storage.

Kids in the Home

If you have children in the home, a knife block might be your best storage solution for safety. Magnetic strips do not secure the knives like a knife block, and children can get into real trouble with a knife strip inviting them to touch it or pull on the knives.

Ceramic Knives

These knives cannot be stored on a magnetic strip and often need their own special storage block. You will need to make allowances for this kind of knife storage if you want to have these knives in your kitchen.

Knife Storage Is Important for Safety and Life of the Knives

You need to consider both the safety of you and your family when storing your kitchen knives. A magnetic strip might be your preferred storage solution but this might not be a secure solution for your family needs or if you have ceramic knives in your collection.

Being able to store your knives correctly can prevent them from being damaged and increase their usable life span.

Your kitchen space might dictate your storage solution for your knives but you should always think about all of the factors of each of these kinds of knife storage if you can pick between the two options.

Properly stored knives last far longer than those that have not been stored correctly.

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