How To Clean Cutlery Tray?

It is very important to develop clean hygiene. Cleanliness has been directly linked with good health. A dirty environment breeds diseases and that’s not good for one’s health.

Make it a habit to clean every aspect of your home including yourself. One of the most important parts of the home that must be kept clean at all times is the kitchen.

Anytime, the kitchen must always be void of dirt because that is where food is prepared.

Once the kitchen is not properly cleaned, it gives room for contamination and poisoning. I visited someone very recently and I was offered a meal.

I refused to eat but they insisted. Since it was someone well known, I gave in and started. Halfway through the meal, I noticed a strand of hair in my food.

“WHAT?” I was very surprised! That’s the implication of an unclean kitchen.

In this article, we will be looking at how to clean a very specific and essential utensil in the kitchen which is the cutlery tray. To answer the question, “how to clean cutlery tray?” let’s dive in!

Set of clean kitchen utensils in drawer

The Cutlery Tray

The cutlery tray is simply a kind of tray or drawer where cutlery is stored. A cutlery set includes a set of knives, forks, spoons, and other eating utensils.

Most people forget or overlook the fact a place where cutlery is stored should always be clean. Most people are guilty of this fact.

Even while cleaning other parts of the kitchen such as the sink, cabinet, and so on, the cutlery tray is neglected and ignored. I must tell you that’s it is not hygienic enough to use a dirty cutlery tray to store your cutlery.

That habit must stop now. You don’t need a maid for that. This article will walk you through the easy steps of taking good care of your cutlery tray.

Things You Will Need to Ensure a Clean Cutlery Tray

Every job or duty has its tools, perfect to carry out the job. You can never see a cleaner without his cleaning kit, right?

Back in high school, our school janitor was always walking around with mops, buckets, and other cleaning tools. That is to tell you, it is a serious business.

Not to scare you, cleaning a cutlery tray isn’t so hard. All you have to do is follow the steps that will be provided in this article and then you are good to go.

Here, below is a list of things you will need to ensure that your cutlery tray is thoroughly clean and hygienic to use.

  • A clean bowl (medium-sized)
  • Clean rags or sponge
  • White Vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Warm water

These are the few things you will be needing for your cleaning. They are not very hard to find. After you have gotten these things, you can move on to the next thing.

Cleaning A Cutlery Tray

Right now, as you are reading this article, you know quite well that you’ve never cleaned your cutlery tray since it was installed.

It’s dirty and not good enough to store the things you use to cook and eat. I have provided a list of steps that will assist you in the cleaning process.

To foster better understanding, I made sure I explained in simple words for everyone including the children. Have in mind that every step in this article is very important.

Step One:

The first thing we are going to do is to remove everything inside the tray- the knives, spoons, and forks. That’s why the medium-sized bowl was included in the list of tools needed above. You can place those sets of cutlery you removed from the tray into the bowl.

This is to ensure that they are properly kept and safe. Since it’s the tray we want to clean, nothing should be inside. After you have successfully emptied all the content of the tray, you can move with the cleaning properly.

Step Two:

The next thing is to prepare a soap mixture with the liquid soap and warm water you got.  Mix it properly and make sure the soap is not too much.

After you must have done that, get the bucket we mentioned in the list above ready. It shouldn’t be too small or too big depending on the size or type of your cutlery tray.

Fill the bucket with the soap mixture prepared and place your cutlery tray on top. Get your sponge or clean rag and soak it into the soap mixture. Clean every nook and cranny of the cutlery tray.

You will be surprised to see food crumbs at every corner of your tray. Only God knows how long it has been there. Ensure that every part of the tray is wiped out thoroughly with the sponge.

Step Three:

After you must have washed every part of your tray, we have to disinfect it for health’s sake. Disinfection will help remove every germ living in the tray that the soap couldn’t remove.

After disinfection, we can gladly say that the tray is clean, healthy, and hygienic for storing eating equipment. So to disinfect your tray, get your white vinegar and another cleaning rag ready.

Pour the vinegar on the rag and use it to clean the interior of the tray. Wipe every single part of the tray the same way you washed it with the soap mixture.

Step Four:

After you must have disinfected the tray properly, your tray is now habitable and healthy enough to harbor your cooking and eating tools.

It is time to re-organize your set of cutlery. Arrange them properly depending on the type and design of your cutlery tray. Place all the knives in one compartment according to size and do the same for spoons and forks.

Final Thought

You can see that it is not so difficult. Cleaning your cutlery tray should be a weekly thing because it is very important for your health.

Make it a habit to always clean your cutlery tray every week to avoid the accumulation of debris or dirt that can breed diseases or contaminate the eating utensils.

I hope we have learned how to clean cutlery trays.

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