Fish Fillet Board for Ease and Convenience

Boneless fish seasoned and fried to yummy goodness is always a favorite. You usually can’t wait to dig in but the moment you realize how much stress it took you to fillet the fish, you’re annoyed and less hungry.

Filleting can be a difficult and frustrating exercise sometimes. Without the right tools, it’s way worse. A lot of times, the focus is on your technique and the sharpness of your knife.

What about the board you use? Using the fish fillet board is also important. It is a tool you should always have when you go fishing. 

No longer will you have to worry about the fish slipping off the random table station or the normal kitchen cutting board. This is great news, right?

Delicious fresh sea bream fish on wooden kitchen board with onion, rosemary and colorful peppercorns on wooden background.

Well, choosing the right fillet board can be difficult but not to worry, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

After careful and thorough research, we’ve picked out the best 10 in the market and you can read our reviews of them here.

Do I Need a Fish Fillet Board?

Do you love fishing? Do you enjoy the thrill of catching your next meal? Do you like to clean, cut, and fillet your fish?

If you answered yes to any or all of the three questions, you do need a fish fillet board.

A fish fillet board can be classified as a necessary tool for a fisherman. It is essential because it makes cutting, cleaning, and filleting easier and safer. With the clamp found on most fillet boards, you can hold down your fish with it, leaving your hands free.

Some boards have extra features that allow for a stronger grip even with the slime produced by the fish. They are also easy to clean, majorly with soap and water or a dishwasher. The sturdiness and ease of cleaning make it safe for you physically and even health-wise.

When you decide to buy a fish fillet board, make sure you lookout for the best. Fish fillet boards are not supposed to be replaced every 6 months or yearly but that will happen when you do not buy the best.

This can happen either because you’re trying to save a few bucks or you’re not particular about the product and you just want something that works. While these are not bad reasons, you should know that buying the best is a worthy investment.

Can I Use a Normal Board to Fillet a Fish?

A normal cutting board can look similar to a fillet board in a lot of ways but they are not the same.

Fillet boards have extra features like clamps, grooves, and some even have measuring marks. All these features provide the necessary assistance you need to fillet conveniently.

How To Use a Fish Fillet Board

Using a fish fillet board for the first time is not something that should get you worked up. It’s as easy as it gets. Fillet boards are not all the same but they are used the same way across boards. 

Place your fish on the clean board. If it has a clamp, depending on the type, you can use it to hold the fish down with the tail or the head. Once it is secured, use one hand to provide further hold while you cut through with a knife on the other hand.

Clean your board with soap and water immediately after use. If it is dishwasher-safe, you can place it in the dishwasher and keep it away once it is dry.

How To Clean a Fish Fillet Board

Fish fillet boards are easy to clean, no matter the type. Some boards are dishwasher safe so you simply have to toss them into the dishwasher.

To know whether your board is dishwasher safe, you have to check the manufacturer’s instructions. If it’s not, handwashing is the alternative option. It is a simple process.

Use soap and water to rinse off the fish residue and your board will be as good as new. 

What Material is the Fillet Board Made From?

Wood, plastic, and rubber are the common materials fish fillet boards are made from. The best material for a fillet board depends on your particular needs.

Wooden fillet boards are usually sturdy and can sometimes be heavy. When they have handles, they are easy to transport. With wooden boards, you will have no issue with the board slipping. The usual concern of it harboring germs can be solved through constant sealing with oils.

Plastic fillet boards are usually lightweight and can be made non-slip with silicone bottom or grooves. They can also have measuring marks. Food-grade plastic is used to make them so they pose no health hazard. They can be dishwasher-safe or may require handwashing.

Rubber fillet boards are usually in the form of mats. Many of them are made textured on both sides to increase grip on both the surface they are placed on and the fish they are to hold. They are rollable which makes them easy to store and transport. Cleaning is usually by handwashing with soap and water.

What Should I Do To Keep a Wooden Fish Fillet Board Sealed?

Most wooden fish fillet boards are sealed by the manufacturers but if you want to be extra cautious, you can reseal them from time to time. You can do this by oiling it oil specially made for wooden boards.

Use a towel to rub the oil into the wood. Make sure to apply it all over. Leave the oil to soak overnight. You can repeat this process every few months.

Where Can I Store a Fish Fillet Board?

The storage of your fish fillet board depends on the material it is made of and its design. Wooden boards should be kept away from water as much as possible. It should never be soaked.

Once it is hand washed with soap and water, it must be left to dry and kept away in an airy and dry place. Plastic boards handle water better although if they have stainless steel clamps attached, they should also not be soaked in water for long.

After cleaning in the dishwasher or hand washing, it should be dried properly and then stored in a cabinet or a compact box, if it comes as a set.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Fillet Board

There are important factors to put into consideration before choosing a fillet board. Some of these factors are listed below.


Since you’ve been fishing for a while now, you should know the kind of fish you catch and their size range. These boards come in different sizes so you must choose one that can conveniently accommodate your fish.

This is so you will prevent waste material from falling directly on the table station or bucket.

With or Without Clamps

To fillet a fish, you need to hold it down while using your other hand to slice through with a fillet knife. More times than not, your two hands are never enough. A fillet board with clamps helps you hold down the fish so you have your two hands free to do the cutting.

It is advisable to buy a fillet board with clamps. Another option is to buy a stable board and an attachable clamp separately. You can then mount the clamp on the board for your use.


A fish fillet board with a handle is easier to grab and go. It is also easier to carry when you need to dispose of the waste after filleting.

Fish Fillet Board Reviews

1. Rapala Poly Fillet Board with Clamp

Highlighted Features

  • HDPE food-grade plastic
  • Bottom groove for stability
  • Heavy-duty grip clamp
  • Built-in clamp

The Rapala Poly Fillet Board with Clamp is surely going to make your life easier. You thought filleting is hard?

Maybe it is but it is only much harder when you’re using the wrong tools. This Board is made out of HDPE food-grade plastic and is rigid. It has some grooves on the bottom that makes it stable when placed on a 5-gallon bucket.

No need for an extra purchase as it comes with a clamp that is attached to its handle. The clamp holds the fish securely and leaves your hand free to make those perfect and precise cuts.

Being a plastic board, it is easy to clean which helps you maintain proper sanitary practices. It is also suitable for cutting large fish.

2. INTRUDER Fish Fillet Board with Clamp

Highlighted Features

  • Made of Hardwood
  • Built-in clamp
  • 18-inches long
  • Fish scaler

Wooden fish fillet boards are generally known to be sturdy and this unit confirms it to be true. It is made of hardwood and is 18-inches, large enough to cut big bluegill.

With a clamp attached to its handle, it is effective in holding down your fish while you cut. The clamp is strong. You don’t have to wish you had more than two hands because this board has got you covered.

Keep fishing and catching those big fish, with this, you have a board that can help you slice through easily. The board has been made to be durable so you can count a fillet board out of your yearly fishing budget.

3. Fillet Away Fish Mat Grips

Highlighted Features

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rollable
  • Recyclable
  • 14″ x 19″ in size

A fish fillet mat grip that doesn’t retain the odor of fish is a keeper. This mat is lightweight and stink-free. This mat is rollable for easy storage and transportation. It is also recyclable after a long time of use so you’re doing one for the environment.

Cleaning up is easy since it is dishwasher-friendly. It not only grips the fish that is placed on it but also the surface on which it is placed on.

This makes it all-around non-slip. There’s no need for clamps in this case.

4. SILVERHERO Fishing Board Tool Set

Highlighted Features

  • Set of knife, sharpener & scaler
  • Measuring marking on board
  • Board is 24.21″ x 6.18″ in size
  • Made of plastic

This is a toolset every fisherman or fishing enthusiast needs. Alongside the fish fillet board, you get three extra accessories which include a filtering knife, a mini knife, and a stainless steel scaler.

These accessories have a compartment under the board for easy storage. Never again would you have forgotten to bring your knife along for fishing. The board has a measuring marking so you know exactly how big your catch is and also how much you are to cut.

Attached to the board is a stainless steel clamp that holds down the fish while you cut. The board is 24.21″ x 6.18″ in size which is suitable for a good range of fish sizes. It is easy to clean with only soap and water.

5. SAMSFX Fillet Clamp with Screws

Highlighted Features

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Six pieces of screws
  • Deep jaws

Do you have a fish cleaning table station or maybe a fillet station?

You can easily attach this strong and durable clamp to it. It is also great for hardwood fillet boards. It is made of stainless steel and has a deep jaw that holds the tail of the fish for easier and safer filtering.

The six screws it comes with allow for a firm and stable mounting.

6. Flex Fillet Fishing Cutlery Set

Highlighted Features

  • Contain three knives
  • Has a plastic cutting board
  • Has a sharpener

This five-piece fishing fillet set is the toolset you did not know you needed. With a fillet board, 7.5″ and 6″ fillet knives, a utility knife, and a sharpening rod, you’re all set for filtering.

The board is made from plastic and the two sides which are textured can be used for cutting. It has a handle that makes carriage and transporting easy. The entire set comes in a compact box which makes storage easy.

For your next fishing trip, all you need is to grab it by its handle and get going. The knives are made of stainless steel and feature a special sure-grip handle which makes it possible to still have a firm grip even when it is wet.

It comes in such a cute package, it is easily one of the best gifts you can give your fishing friend.

7. Eagle Claw Fillet Board

Highlighted Features

  • 24″ long
  • Grooved surface
  • Clamp attached to handle

If you’re a fan of wooden fish fillet boards, then the Eagle Claw Fillet Board is for you. When you think of the word sturdy, you should think of this board. It is built to stay firm on any surface it is placed on.

With a length of 24″, it’s the perfect size for a lot of the fishes you’ll catch. A major problem you encounter when filtering is your fish slipping off the board.

Well, with the clamp and grooved surface on this board, you no longer have to deal with that. The grooves hold part of the slime while the clamp holds the fish in place. It is easy to clean simply with water and soap.

8. Good Day Fishing Fish Cleaning Mat

Highlighted Features

  • 14″ x 36″ in size
  • Antimicrobial rubber
  • Textured
  • Recyclable

This fish cleaning mat is a good choice for filleting. With a size of 14″ x 36″, it is convenient to place your fish on without worrying about getting fish slime on other parts of your table.

It has a textured surface that ensures non-slip. It is made of rubber which is recyclable and also antimicrobial as a result of additives. It has a handle for easy carriage.

Cleaning is done with soap and water which makes proper sanitation a breeze. The mat is also easy on your knives so you only need to sharpen them every other day.

9. RITE-HITE Professional Fish Cleaning Clamp

Highlighted Features

  • Steel
  • Comes with four screws
  • Strong steel springs

Without the right tools, when filleting, it’s not unusual to find yourself wishing for an extra pair of hands. Say no more.

With this professional clamp with strong springs, you have all the help you need. The clamp is made of steel and comes with 4 screws that make it easy for you to attach to whatever workstation you have.

It works great with boards too. Fillets are tasty but are not easy to come by. Get yourself all the help you need.

10. Rapala Fillet N Carry Board

Highlighted Features

  • White board
  • Handle
  • HDPE food-grade plastic
  • 16″ x 24″ in size

It is made from food-grade plastic so you have nothing to worry about concerning health safety. The bottom of the board is designed in such a way that it can fit a 6-gallon bucket.

It also works great on a table. You can discard waste with precision through the round hole on the board. It is large enough to hold your fish conveniently without staining other surfaces.

Final Thoughts 

Buying a new product for fishing requires a lot of thought. You need to be sure you’re picking the best fish fillet board that is the right fit for you. Based on our review of the best products in the market, that should be an easy decision.

For the easiest and most convenient filleting experience, we recommend the Rapala Poly Fillet Board with Clamp. It comes with a clamp that is used to hold the fish and it is non-slip.

With a tight budget, you can still get a product that will help you fillet a fish easier. We recommend the RITE-HITE Professional Fish Cleaning Clamp which can be mounted to any surface and has strong springs for a firmer grip on the fish.

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