Bird’s Beak Knife [Make Food Prep Easier & Enjoyable]

The bird’s beak knife may be smaller than a paring knife, but it’s infinitely more useful and the only small knife you’ll need!

Paring knives are awesome and we all need at least one. They’re our go-to for precision work from deveining seafood to slicing garlic cloves. But, a bird’s beak knife is even better!

Named like this because the small and curved blade resembles the beak of a bird, this petite knife has a short (two to three inch) blade that will change your life! Whether to peel fruits or veggies or core some delicious strawberries, reach for it.

It’s the absolute best for countless tasks in the kitchen that you’ll wonder how you’ve missed it out!

Knife blade in the shape of an eagle's beak on natural wooden background
Knife blade in the shape of an eagle’s beak on natural wooden background

Below, check out which bird’s beak knife models are the best ones, as well as some extra tips.

Why Do I Need A Bird’s Beak Knife?

Little but powerful, this knife’s blade is curved and it’s popular in the French culinary world. Known as a tourne knife, this knife will come in handy when “turning” veggies like potatoes or carrots into equal and round shapes.

The idea of this type of food prep is to improve their cooking and also the presentation. What’s more, you’ll love how compact and easy-to-hold this knife is and how it excels at peeling when you use the curved part.

The sharp tip will help you devein and core a long list of foods effortlessly and fast.

What Are The Different Uses Of A Bird’s Beak Knife?

Once you see how many food prep tasks can be finished enjoyably and easily using the bird’s beak knife, it will become your favorite go-to blade.

Here are some of the most common ways you can use it in the kitchen:

  • Remove eyes from pineapples and potatoes
  • Peel potatoes
  • Hull strawberries
  • Peel and core tomatoes
  • Peel citruses
  • Peel ginger
  • Trim artichokes
  • Devein shrimp
  • Trim Brussels sprouts
  • Remove halves from stone fruits from the pits

Which Features To Consider Before Buying?

As with any other knife, before buying it, it’s essential to take into account the most important features so that you get your money’s worth.

This being said, if you’ve decided to invest in this amazing knife, check out the factors to consider:

  • Blade

Before you click “Add to cart”, make sure the knife has a thick blade made of strong stainless steel. The high-carbon options are also great and stronger. Blade thickness matters because you’ll use quite the pressure onto the knife as you plunge it into a veggie or a fruit.

So, it should be tough enough to withstand this pressure and resistance. What’s more, the tip of the beak also matters: it needs to be strong and sharp enough to cut into fruits and veggies so that you can carve and core effortlessly.

No one wants to have the blade snap; it’s more than an inconvenience, but also a potential hazard! Choose a quality and premium steel and you’re good to go!

  • Sharpness

Sharpness is crucial for a bird’s beak knife since the curved blades are really challenging to be sharpened at home.

Namely, the electric sharpeners can’t fit blades with this shape and even the ones experienced with whetstones may need some practice before sharpening them properly.

Although the sharpness of a blade is usually dictated by the angle of the cutting edge, the sharpness of a bird’s beak knife is also determined by how well the blades were sharpened by manufacturers.

Therefore, make sure the manufacturer of the bird’s beak you plan to buy has made the blade razor-sharp!

  • Handle

To ensure maximum control over the bird’s beak knife, you want its handle to be made of strong materials. And, generally, the thicker handles are easier to maneuver than the thinner ones.

This is because you can hold them firmly and the risk of the knife slipping or flipping around is brought to a minimum. The handle should not be entirely round or flat.

The former could spin in the hands, especially when they’re sweaty or wet. The latter ones will get uncomfortable if you’re using them for a while and they’re also not thick enough to enable adequate control.

When choosing a bird’s beak knife, opt for the one whose handle is ergonomic and oval or D-shaped.

  • The grip

The handle of the knife should provide you with a good grip, i.e. it won’t easily slip or slide when wet.

This is pivotal as we all get some amount of juice, sweat, or water on our hands, especially when working with food, so our handle needs to continue providing a steady and safe grip.

This being said, you should choose the handles that are textured or ones coated with non-slippery materials for maximum control.

  • Full tang or not

When it comes to knives, full-tang construction is always the preferred option, but also the slightly more expensive one.

The ones that are separate pieces joined together are likelier to snap under pressure, increasing the risk of injuries and frustration!

A full-tang knife is one whose blade extends all the way through the handle. The sharp part of the blade is external, but the metal proceeds downward through the handle.

They’re often held inside the handle with rivets.

When To Clean My Bird’s Beak Knife?

Cleaning your tourne knife is recommendable after every use-opt for mild dish soap and warm water and dry it right away.

Although some models may be claimed by manufacturers to be dishwasher-safe, regularly putting your knives in the dishwasher may end up reducing their lifespan and minimizing their efficiency.

This is usually a result of the harsh chemicals often present in dishwasher products!

Should I Sharpen It?

Considering the unique shape of a bird’s beak blade, you’ll need to use a specific sharpening tool when you’ve noticed the blade has lost its sharpness.

You can use a three-angular sharpener with a small sharpening rod on which you can sharpen the blade while the blade’s curves follow.

This sharpener is suitable for other curved blade knives you have in your drawer, including a flexible fillet knife. You can also use a regular whetstone to sharpen your tourne knives; however, you need to be extra careful because of the shape of the blade and maybe a bit more experienced to do it right.

Can My Bird’s Beak Replace A Paring Knife?

Nope. Although it can be used for so many tasks where you would use a paring knife, these two knives aren’t interchangeable. In fact, a bird’s beak knife is unable to make straight cuts or slice food on a cutting board since it has a curved blade.

But, being shorter than a paring knife, a bird’s beak knife is much easier to maneuver. Moreover, thanks to its curved blade, it’s also more agile and will precisely “hug” the curves of an orange or a ginger root.

Plus, its pointed and extra sharp tip will shine in so many prep tasks that you’ll never get enough of it!

Bird’s Beak Knives

1. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro Bird’s Beak Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions12.75 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches
Item Weight2.24 ounces
PricePrice not available

Highlighted Features

  • Extra-sharp German forged blade
  • Non-corrosive
  • Versatile & comfy
  • Made from one piece
  • Long-lasting

Manufactured in Germany, this stunning bird’s beak knife features a special formula high-carbon stainless steel blade that’s razor-sharp and extra durable. Designed as a full-tang, no accidental breakage or snapping is possible.

Moreover, the ice-hardened Friodur curved blade is sharp and stays like that for a long period of time thanks to its enhanced resilience. The precision-honed edge is great for detailed peeling or coring tasks and will maximize the cutting angle ideally.

Let’s not forget to mention how amazing its handle is: boasting an ergonomic design, this polymer, the triple-riveted handle will fit snugly in any hand size and offer the needed control for best maneuvers.

Caring for this knife is as effortless as using it; despite always being better to choose hand washing for your knives rather than the dishwasher, this model is dishwasher-safe according to the manufacturer.

2. Tuo Bird’s Beak Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 inches
Item Weight7.2 ounces
ManufacturerTUO Cutlery

Highlighted Features

  • Superior sharpness
  • Full-tang design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Made of sturdy materials
  • Great gift idea

Part of their popular Fiery Phoenix line, this bird’s beak knife has a razor-sharp blade thanks to the high-carbon German X50CrMoV15 stainless steel. This premium steel is processed with high heat and cooled with nitrogen to bring out the best of and enhance its strength and performance.

Moreover, it’s made to be superiorly resistant to corrosion and staining. This knife will preserve its edge for long as it’s been hand-sharpened by skilled smiths men with the traditional three-step Honbazuke method (both sides are honed at 18 degrees for extreme sharpness).

Its efficiency is further improved by the stunning grip achieved with the ergonomic Pakkawood handle.

Being full-tang, longevity and safety are ensured. The luxury box it comes in makes it a great idea for the knife enthusiasts in your life!

3. Shun Bird’s Beak 2.5-inch Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions11.6 x 2.3 x 1 inches
Item Weight1.76 ounces

Highlighted Features

  • Japanese precision & quality
  • Versatile
  • Extra sharp blade
  • Keeps the edge for long
  • Beautiful & comfy Pakkawood handle

With this impressive tourne knife, you can carve unique designs into veggies and fruits and make different culinary masterpieces.

Thanks to its compactness, it’s ideal for coring and paring. Shun Cutlery is a brand known for its exquisitely beautiful cutlery handcrafted with traditional methods of Japanese precision and craftsmanship.

The blade is made of their proprietary VG-MAX stainless steel that’s clad with 68 layers of Damascus steel to make it razor-sharp and beautiful.

Heat-treated, this blade’s best properties are brought out. The end creation is the stronger, sharper, and thinner blade. Moreover, it retains the edge for a long time and maximizes its efficiency.

What’s more, the control and maneuvers are improved with the ebony Pakkawood handle that ensures comfy grip and steadiness. Pakkawood is praised for its incredible durability, non-bacterial surface, and waterproof properties!

4. Victorinox 2 ¼-inch Bird’s Beak Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions15 x 3.75 x 1 inches
Item Weight2.08 ounces

Highlighted Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Sharp blade
  • Versatile
  • Dishwasher-safe

If you’re looking for a good and inexpensive bird’s beak knife, this one by Victorinox is such a great option. Made compact and sturdy, it’s a product by one of the most renowned cutlery brands in the world.

It’s made in Switzerland and boasts a curved blade made of durable and non-corrosive high-carbon stainless steel.

Easy to sharpen over and over again, this knife will last and perform for a long time. Thanks to the ergonomic and hygienic blade made of polypropylene, your knife won’t lose its shine anytime soon.

Thanks to its design, it’s easy to use and maintain. In fact, you can wash it in the sink or the dishwasher, it’s suitable for both!

The customers who purchased it raised it the most for its lightweight design, easy use, and offering good value for the price.

5. Kessaku 3-Inch Bird’s Beak Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions7 x 1 x 1 inches
Item Weight5.6 ounces

Highlighted Features

  • Premium high-carbon German steel blade
  • Versatile
  • Full-tang construction
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • G-10 fiber-resin handle

Part of their Dynasty Series, this bird’s beak knife is opulent and dazzling. Amazingly crafted by master artisans, it’s a reflection of the centuries of traditional Japanese knife making.

It boasts cutting-edge forging techniques and it’s perfectly balanced and ergonomic to provide comfort and safety to the user. The blade is razor-sharp thanks to their special formula ThyssenKrupp German stainless steel. It won’t corrode or go dull any time soon!

It’s also been hand-sharpened by experts with the traditional three-stage Honbazuke method of 16 degrees per side. This is to ensure precise cuts, optimal edge retention, and maximum strength.

Let’s not forget the impressive G-10 fiber-resin handle: it provides the best grip, it’s resistant to impacts, and it’s really comfy.  Superior control and agility as well as maximum safety is achieved with the full tang design.

6. Sky Light Bird’s Beak Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions7.5 x 0.67 x 1.18 inches
Item Weight3.98 ounces
ManufacturerSKY LIGHT

Highlighted Features

  • Extra-durable high-carbon German steel blade
  • Won’t rust or corrode
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Multipurpose
  • Ergonomic handle

This multipurpose bird’s beak knife has a curved blade that’s awesome for many food prep tasks that require ultimate precision. It will help you peel and core ideally, both at home or in a restaurant.

The knife is a real masterpiece: from the full-tang construction to the polished German high-carbon steel, it gives more than you expect.

Its edge has been polished on both edges and carefully tapered for Rockwell hardness, flexibility, and reduced slicing resistance. This is a blade that doesn’t rust or corrode easily. 

You’ll always feel comfy using it thanks to the triple-riveted handle which is made of food-safe and sturdy plastic. It’s also dishwasher-safe so keeping it clean and ready for next use is easy!

With this brand, you can shop worry-free thanks to their one-year warranty against defects or workmanship faults as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee!

7. Hammer Stahl Bird’s Beak Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions10 x 2.5 x 1 inches
Item Weight7.2 ounces
ManufacturerHammer Stahl

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy & sharp high-carbon blade
  • Versatile
  • Razor-sharp

When it’s the time for precision tasks in the kitchen, reach for this ultimate bird’s beak knife. It’s ideal for detailing, peeling, and coring thanks to its compactness and ergonomic design.

The blade delivers perfect cuts with every move thanks to its quality German high-carbon stainless steel build. Moreover, it’s been extra tempered to optimize its hardness, sharpness, and durability.

Interestingly, thanks to their quad tang design, the knife is perfectly balanced, durable, and comfortable. Their Pakkawood handles are infused with phenolic resin which is a combo of the beautiful look of wood and the durability of plastic.

Since the company values its creations and believes in their durability, you’ll get a lifetime guarantee against material or workmanship defects!

Customers who bought this tourne knife gave the most kudos for its maneuverability, comfy grip, and ergonomic design.

8. Mac Knife Bird’s Beak Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions6.56 x 1 x 1 inches
Item Weight2.11 ounces
ManufacturerIMPCU MacKnife

Highlighted Features

  • Made in Japan
  • Very versatile
  • Ergonomic design
  • Premium alloy steel blade
  • Lovely and tough Pakkawood handle

Lightweight and made in Japan, this compact bird’s beak knife is such a versatile knife that every household and restaurant should have. Boasting a stunning ergonomic design, it will last for a long period without losing its shine and sharpness.

We really appreciate the razor-sharp and 2mm-thick blade made of premium alloy steel with a curved design for optimal maneuvers.

And, the comfort is further improved with the lovely Pakkawood handle- it doesn’t just look amazing, but also boasts some stunning features like being waterproof and resistant to heat and also offers a fine glossy finish.

Unlike natural wood, this one doesn’t splinter or absorb moisture. However, to preserve its longevity and performance, hand wash is recommendable!

9. Crisp Bird’s Beak Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions
Item Weight
PricePrice not available

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Protective blade sheath & sharpener included
  • Comfy handle

This white and orange bird’s beak knife has the needed curved blade and a pointy and sharp tip to help you tackle different food prep tasks in the kitchen easily. Whether to core some strawberries or make decorative peels, it will be there for you.

The lovely ergonomic handle made of stainless steel and padded with a rubber section ensures maximum comfort, easy maneuvers, and durability. What’s more, the blade, also from stainless steel, offers premium sharpness, longevity, and edge retention.

Interestingly, this knife comes with a protective sheath for the blade which also acts as a built-in sharpener, making sure your blade never disappoints you!

Those who bought this tourne knife gave it the most kudos for offering great value for the price, having an awesome ergonomic design, and easy maneuverability.

10. Wellstar Bird’s Beak 2.75-Inch Knife

Product Information

Package Dimensions9.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches
Item Weight5.6 ounces

Highlighted Features

  • Highly sharp blade
  • Multipurpose
  • Made of sturdy materials
  • Ergonomic handle

If you go with this tourne knife, get ready for an extraordinarily sharp blade that has been honed by experienced craftsmen. The razor sharpness is achieved with the blade being sharpened at a 12-degree angle on both sides.

Whether to flut mushrooms or prepare decorative fruits, this knife will help you do it easily and fast. The blade is made of premium German stainless steel which has been heat-treated to maximize its performance and resilience.

It won’t wear and tear or lose its sharpness. Constructed from one single piece from the tip to the end of the handle,  the risk of breakage or snapping is brought to a minimum.

The handle is ergonomic to maximize the grip, but also to ensure it feels good in the user’s hand, without causing pressure or discomfort. Customers who purchased it said it offered the best maneuverability, comfy grip, and ergonomic design.

Final Thoughts

The bird’s beak knife is a petite creation with a lot of power and sharpness. This multipurpose knife won’t replace your paring knife entirely, but will certainly add a splash of magic to your daily food prep.

Thanks to its versatility and a unique blade shape, it will better the peeling of numerous fruits and veggies and help you up to your garnishing and serving game.

Our best pick will definitely satisfy all of the criteria you consider important for a quality knife and it will last for a long time.

Still, if you’re not yet ready to spend more on this knife, but still want to reap its benefits, our budget pick has you in for a surprise!

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