How to Slice Eggs without an Egg Slicer?

Having an egg slicer is an awesome way to cut boiled eggs perfectly and get uniform slices each time, with little effort. However, you can also cut beautiful slices without an egg slicer if you know the right method.

Boiled eggs make the ideal snack, salad ingredient, and appetizer. Beautiful egg slices are essential for a good presentation, especially if we’re hosting a celebration.

Slicing the wedges can get messy and crumble the yolks and whites if we use the wrong knife or if we’re not very experienced at it.  Some may think this is the easiest thing ever and that there’s no philosophy in this process; however, it’s not always the case.

If you’re not very good at slicing boiled eggs with a knife, there are other methods you can rely on, like unflavored dental floss! It’s the ideal way to slice the wedges as neatly as possible if you don’t have an egg slicer. Let’s find out more!

Sliced boiled eggs and a knife on cutting board. On a wooden background.

Why Should You Invest in an Egg Slicer?

An egg slicer is one of the best ways to cut even slices of hard-boiled eggs, particularly if you have plenty of eggs to serve.

It’s, therefore, a common tool in restaurants and at catered events, due to the professional presentation, it helps achieve. It’s also more sanitary since the white flesh, which can accumulate dirt, isn’t being touched by the hands.

This is a plastic single-use kitchen tool that has a wire attachment. The wires are tight and when pressed over a hard-boiled egg, they split it into the ideal slices or cubes, depending on what you want.

Many people use this affordable and easy-to-use kitchen tool for eggs because it’s not as messy and frustrating as cutting eggs with a knife can be. It’s especially convenient when you don’t want to crumble the eggs and serve poorly-looking eggs on the dinner table.

This kitchen device is so much more than what meets the eye! It’s actually a versatile tool that is amazing in helping you slice other foods like strawberries, olives, and mushrooms.

Perfectionist cooks and people that handle plenty of food will definitely make use of this device. Easy to clean, easy to use, and inexpensive, an egg slicer is really an amazing kitchen addition.

What Does an Egg Slicer Look Like?

Basically, an egg slicer has two components that are joined together through a hinge.

The part on the bottom is a slotted and scooped container that holds the egg. The upper section features thin wires on a framework.

When you pull the upper part down by the handle in the front, the wires neatly slice the egg into equal slices. You can also use it with other soft veggies and fruits and you’ll get the same effect.

The bottom section is usually made from plastic, although you can also find metal ones.

In most cases, this tool is designed for use on a countertop, but there are also models designed to be hand-held. The latter is more useful when you want to drop the slices onto salads or other dishes.

When choosing the best egg slicer for you, opt for the sturdier designs and ones that won’t fall apart with continuous use. Some models are dishwasher-safe; however, we recommend washing this device by hand for optimal results and to prolong the lifespan of the device.

It’s also recommendable to wipe down the slicer after you wash it to prevent rust from developing on the wires.

How to Slice Eggs without an Egg Slicer?

If you don’t have an egg slicer, yet you want uniform egg slices, you can always use other methods.

One of them is unscented tooth floss. You slide it lengthwise through the boiled egg and it will cut it in half. If you want to cut the halves into wedges, repeat the slicing through the center once more.

In addition to the egg slicer and floss method, you can also opt for the knife method. You’ll need a thin and sharp knife and a flat surface.

You put the boiled egg onto a chopping board and slice through it by piercing it through the flash, but without applying excessive pressure that could easily smash the yolk. If you’re careful enough, you can cut equal slices.

When choosing a knife to use with boiled eggs, make sure it’s highly sharp and without serrations because they can break the yolk. It’s also smart to wait for a while so that the egg cools down and becomes solid.

You can also oil the knife between cuts or wipe the blade with a clean and damp cloth to remove the tiny bits and enable cleaner cuts.

Final Thoughts

Boiled eggs are a loved snack and appetizer, especially when they’re uniformly sliced and presented. However, since they’re fragile, boiled eggs can easily get all mushy if we’re not cutting them the right way.

One of the most reliable methods to cut it cleanly is to use an affordable and simple egg slicer. Its thin wires will cut through the eggs like butter, without mashing them.

If you don’t have this device in your kitchen and wondered how to slice eggs without an egg slicer, it’s good to know that it’s doable. One popular method is to use non-scented dental floss and the other is to use a non-serrated and sharp knife.

The egg slicer is the preferred option if you have plenty of boiled eggs to slice and serve because it’s much faster than using floss or a knife. If you have only an egg or two, a knife or floss will do the job.

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