How to Use a Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener

Learning how to use your new Work Sharp pocket knife sharpener is actually quite easy, you just have to follow the instructions in the user guide’s book.

After only several trials, you’ll learn how to perfect the sharpness of your precious pocket knives quickly and effortlessly, even when you’re outdoors, camping, fishing or just enjoying the greenery.

Work Sharp designs and assembles their tools in the US. They’ve been dedicated to producing premium tools with quality elements and their products are backed up with excellent customer service.

Hsarpening pocket knife with Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener

This article will answer all of the questions you may have about your Work Sharp pocket knife sharpener!

Why Do I Need a Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener?

Not every job that needs to be done demands a big force.

This is why you’ll benefit from investing in the guided manual pocket knife sharpener by Work Sharp. It’s a tool that fits in the pocket and makes you realize size doesn’t make a sharpener good, but rather how it’s built.

Perfect for the field, the sharpener and all of its replacement plates and stropes are made according to standards and provide complete sharpening for every knife you have.

The various types of grit are intended for different purposes. Indeed, this sharpener is a must if you’re an outdoorsy person who always wants to have his/her knives sharp.

Learning how to use your Work Sharp pocket knife sharpener is easy if we take into account it comes with a detailed user’s guide.

How to Use the Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener?

Work Sharp offers a long list of sharpeners and the guided field one is highly praised amongst hunters, campers, and fishermen. This is a compact angle-guided sharpener that’s designed with five grits to meet every blade need.

It’s a complete solution for the field, but also for shops and homes. If you need a robust, compact, and versatile sharpener, this one will do an amazing job.

Two of its grits are diamond ones; one is coarse and intended for shaping and fixing a blade and the other is fine and provides the best results when you need to revive a dull blade.

The model also offers two ceramic rods, one coarse and one fine, as well as fish hook honing grits and a leather strop. The leather strop is finished with a micro-abrasive to ensure maximum sharpness of your blades’ edges.

Some of the major benefits of this sharpener are its compactness and durability. Its design is key to proper blade maintenance.

Performing optimally and fitting in pockets, it’s not a sharpener you should miss out on!

Which Knives Can I Sharpen with this Sharpener?

If you’re learning how to use a Work Sharp pocket knife sharpener, it’s awesome to realize that it’s suitable for different types of knives, including fillet, pocket, and hunting knives.

It will simplify sharpening curved, flat, and serrated blades, but it can also be a suitable choice for sharpening hatches, axes, and machetes.

The guided field sharpener was also praised by knife maker Ken Onion who was impressed by the sharpener’s clever details such as the angle guides, magnetic plate holders, and its compactness.

Thanks to the strong rare earth magnets, the diamond grit plates are secured in place and cover the broadhead wrench and storage compartment.

How Long Does It Take to Sharpen Blades with Work Sharp Sharpener?

Sharpening with your Work Sharp pocket knife sharpener isn’t just fun and easy, but also quick.

In fact, Work Sharp’s tests showed that sharpening a very dull blade takes an average of two to two and a half minutes. The resharpening can be done even faster. This is amazing!

What Are the Benefits of Investing in a Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener?

  • Save money

The pocket knife sharpener by Work Sharp is not overly expensive and in the long run, buying it will cost you less if you were to take the blades to a sharpening service whenever they go dull.

  • The risk of damage lowers

By sharpening your own blades, you learn more about the blade, the handle, and its edges. Your commitment to its maintenance increases, which reduces the risk of damage, poor blade performance, and potential accidents.

  • Your knives will be in top shape

Taking your blades to be professionally sharpened requires time, effort, and money. But, if you have a pocket sharpener, you can easily fix your blades on your own, no matter where you are.

  • Cooking becomes safer

A dull knife is always trouble-it puts you at risk of cuts and bruises, but it’s also bad for the food.

On the other hand, with your blades always sharp and ready to work, you can focus on proper food prep and beautiful presentation.

  • Your hunting or fishing trip doesn’t end when the blade goes dull

One of the major advantages of having a pocket knife sharpener is that you can take it outdoors and stop fearing that you can’t fillet your fish or skin game because of a dull blade.

In just a matter of minutes, you’ll restore the blade’s sharpness.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to use a Work Sharp pocket knife sharpener is easy and enjoyable. This popular field sharpener is praised for its compact design, sturdy materials, and efficient details that make it stand out.

Thanks to its lanyard hole, you can easily hang it on your keychain or anywhere else you want and it will be at your hand’s reach. When you keep your blades sharp, you prolong their lifespan, which saves you money in the long run.

This popular sharpener comes with five awesome stages, each with its own purpose. It’s the ideal choice for the outdoorsy people, but also for anyone who prefers to sharpen their own blades at work or at home.

Without a doubt, investing in this sharpener means investing in your knife collection!

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