Rotary Cheese Graters to Grate Cheese Better and Faster

The wonders you could make in the kitchen with cheese are limitless, but hey, this article is not about cheese – well, partly.

It’s about the kitchen appliance that helps you with those wonders.

That being said, we introduce today’s product to you – the rotary cheese grater.

Rotary cheese graters are easy to use, less messy, and produce brilliant results. When you’re interested in purchasing a rotary cheese grater, you’ll find yourself deciding what to pick from too many options available.

Isolated rotary cheese grater with a crank handle and accessories

Not to worry, that has been made easier with our careful selection of the best products.

Ride with us.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing

There are thousands of products from different manufacturers and to differentiate those that would be a complete waste of money from those that would give you your money’s worth, you have to consider some important factors.

This section highlights some of these factors, so make sure to keep them in mind. Here they are:

How Many Drum Blades Does It Have?

The number of drum blades that come with the product you’re thinking of purchasing depends on your cooking or baking requirements. If you basically just need to shred your cheese, nothing more, products with a single drum blade will be a perfect fit. All you need do is look for the one with drum blades that produce your preferred texture and you’re all set.

On the other hand, this is an especially important factor when your cooking requires different textures of cheese. Having more than one drum blade means you’re not limited to one texture alone and can have an extra one or two, depending on the product.

Products that come with 2 or 3 drum blades usually have a fine shredder, coarse shredder, and/or a slicer. It is advisable to get products with multiple drum blades as they provide you with options and help you save cost and storage space. 

What Are The Construction Materials?

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s very important you get value for your money and for this to happen, you have to buy quality products. The quality of a product heavily rests on the quality of its construction materials.

Make sure the drum blades are made from quality stainless steel; be it 430-grade or 18/10. This ensures two things. First, the drum blades will be as sharp as a razor which means efficient performance. Second, stainless steel is anti-rust and strong which means the blades will last for a lifetime.

For the other parts, that is, the handle and body, ABS plastic is a great material because it is food-grade and BPA-free.

In a nutshell, if the body and drum blades are made from ABS plastic and stainless steel respectively, then you’re good to go.

Does It Have A Strong Suction Base?

You should make sure it has a suction base, you know why? Rotary cheese graters are basically handheld appliances because you have to turn the handle for the blades to work. Now, what the suction base does is that it helps to increase the stability of the product on surfaces it stands on – kind of acting like glue.

Most products have a knob that can be used to lock the suction base. With that, you don’t have to hold the base with your other hand while you turn the handle. This makes operating the rotary grater convenient and safe for you.

Can It Be Assembled Or Disassembled Easily?

Since they usually come unassembled, they should be easily be put together by users. That means it should come with a manual with clear instructions on how to do so.

Likewise, users should be able to disassemble it quickly and easily for storage and cleaning. Some products have buttons you can push to dismantle the parts – that’s a very nice feature you should look out for.

How Does A Rotary Cheese Grater Work?

Rotary cheese graters work by making use of drum blades to convert cheese and other solid food into tiny shreds.

The sharp drum blades rotate 360 degrees as you crank the handle, thereby grinding against the cheese. And when it comes to using it? As simple as ABC!

How To Use A Rotary Cheese Grater

After you’ve assembled your rotary cheese grater, you start by sending the chunk of cheese into the hopper which then goes down into the rollerblades. If the cheese doesn’t fit into the hopper, use a food pusher (some products come with it) to force it down. Close the lid.

Make sure to have locked your suction base by turning the knob clockwise. Crank the handle to set the drum blades in motion. As you turn the handle, the drum blades rotate, grinding on the cheese and shredding it into tiny bits.

Benefits Of Using A Rotary Cheese Grater?

Every kitchen appliance has its merits, as for rotary cheese graters, the first is speed. Research has shown us some rotary cheese graters can be 18 times faster than other types of cheese graters. It doesn’t end there. Its mode of operation is very easy. You just have to crank the handle. In fact, some products require you to just turn the handle once and that’s it!

They are very safe to use starting with the food-grade and BPA-free materials used for construction. The suction base also serves as a non-slip base and is lockable to ensure the product doesn’t slip off on your table or countertop.

Can I Use A Rotary Cheese Grater To Grate Nuts?

Yes, you can. The use of a rotary cheese grater is not limited to cheese alone. It does an excellent job processing nuts also. That’s not even the best part.

They can be used to grate other solid foods such as carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, radish, cauliflower, and so on.

Will The Drum Blades Stay Sharp?

Yes, they will. Most, if not all manufacturers make use of quality stainless steel to make the drum blades so rest assured they won’t rust or get blunt for a very long time.

How to Clean a Rotary Cheese Grater

This can either be done manually or by using the dishwasher. We suggest you get a product that is dishwasher-friendly so you don’t have to stress cleaning after use.

Simply placing it in the top rack of the dishwasher will do the magic. Make sure to dismantle parts before placing them in the dishwasher.

Peradventure, the product you already own or would like to buy isn’t dishwasher-safe, you can also wash by hand. To go about this, push the dismantle button (it’s usually on the handle) and when the parts are separated, place them under running water.

Your drum blades shouldn’t be clogged, but if it is, increase the water pressure to force out the stuck food. Make sure the temperature of the water doesn’t exceed 60°.

Can Rotary Cheese Graters Chop Or Spiralize?

Unfortunately, no–rotary cheese graters are designed to shred cheese or other foods into fine or coarse textures. They can also slice cheese, cucumber, carrots, etc. If you’re interested in spiralizing, you can get an electric spiralizer.

Will It Work On Mozzarella And Hard Cheese?

It works perfectly with both types of cheeses. In fact, any type of cheese so far they are non-sticky and not soft. However, if you happen to have soft cheese, you can refrigerate for a while to make it firmer and then you can easily grate it.

Rotary Cheese Grater Reviews

1. Ourokhome Rotary Cheese Grater Shredder

Highlighted Features

  • 3 drum blades
  • BPA-free ABS construction
  • Multiple uses
  • Easy to assemble and use

It’s no surprise this is our top pick product considering the features packed in this product. You’re looking at a durable product with a body made from 100% BPA-free ABS plastic.

It comes with 3 drum blades made from 430-grade stainless steel. The blades are; coarse shredding blade, fine shredding blade, and fine blade. This means you can enjoy three different textures of cheese.

This product is easy to use; it doesn’t need electricity, all it requires is a turn of the crank. It doesn’t come assembled but that can be easily done. It can also be disassembled easily for manual cleaning.

It works perfectly well in grating garlic, vegetables, zucchinis, etc.

2. Zyliss Classic Rotary Cheese Grater

Highlighted Features

  • Single drum
  • Switchable handles
  • Certified by the NSF
  • Dishwasher-safe

Many would argue this is the best rotary cheese grater, maybe because it’s widely used in restaurants as it is NSF certified. This product comes with one drum only for finely grating cheese – and get this, its use is extended to grating chocolates and nuts.

One nice touch to this product is you decide which side the handle stays on, so whether you’re left or right-handed you can use this product comfortably.

All parts that make up this product can be easily separated for maintenance, although, it is dishwasher-safe.

3. Vivaant Professional-Grade Rotary Grater

Highlighted Features

  • Dual stainless steel drums
  • Reversible handle
  • 2 portable containers
  • Locking system for handle
  • Dishwasher-safe

Vivaant Professional-Grade Rotary Grater is the perfect option if you’re looking to convert cheese into fine or coarse shreds. How? It comes with dual drums, one for each texture. The drums are made from stainless steel to ensure premium quality and performance.

In the package, you’ll find 2 clear, portable containers to store grated food. The handle turns easily and is reversible which means it can go on either side of the product. The handle also has a locking mechanism that ensures stability and reduces friction during use.

Like you may have guessed, it serves multiple purposes, using it to also grate nuts, chocolates, and veggies. You would even love it more as it’s dishwasher-safe.

4. Cambom Rotary Cheese Grater

Highlighted Features

  • 3 stainless steel drums
  • Body made from ABS plastic
  • Multi-functions
  • Easily detached
  • Solid suction base

When you use this product, you’re going to feel and understand its quality. The body is constructed with ABS, BPA-free plastic with all 3 of its drums made from stainless steel.

It doesn’t need electricity to work. All you need to do is crank the handle which then turns the drums 360° to grate cheese into your desired texture. The resulting texture depends on the drum inserted. The drums are fine shredder, coarse shredder, and a slicer.

With the push of a button, you can detach the body parts for cleaning. This can be done by just placing it under running water (but shouldn’t be more than 60°).

Its suction base is strong to ensure rigidity on surfaces placed on. This rotary cheese grater isn’t compatible with onion and tomato but works well with garlic, nut, potato, zucchini, and many more.

5. Geedel Rotary Cheese Grater

Highlighted Features

  • BPA-free
  • 3 drum blades
  • Bionic suction base
  • Easily detachable

This rotary cheese grater is packed with enough amazing features to want you to want it! It comes with 3 blades; a slicer with fine and coarse shredders. They are made from 430-grade stainless steel. The blades rotate 360 degrees when the handle is cranked for efficient grating.

All materials used for construction are BPA-free which ticks the safety box. The feeding chute is 2.6” wide which is bigger than usual products. It has a bionic suction base for improved rigidity.

The use of this rotary grater is not limited to cheese alone; it can be used to grate the carrot, chocolate, cucumber, etc. It can be easily detached for storage and cleaning. It is dishwasher-safe.

6. VEKAYA Rotary Graters 5-in-1 Cheese Grater

Highlighted Features

  • 5 adjustable drum blades
  • Versatile
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free

If you desire to enjoy versatility at its peak, then this rotary cheese grater should be “numerouno” on your shopping list. It comes with 5 different drum blades which are 18 times more efficient than other cheese grater products.

The drum blades are as follows; fine shredder, coarse shredder, julienne shredder, mandoline slicer, and waffle slicer. It can be easily put together and detached whenever you please. Its handle makes it even easier to operate as it’s soft, non-slip and can be cranked 360 degrees.

For increased rigidity, it comes with a sturdy suction base with a lock/release button. Since you have five drum blades, your grating options are limitless and that includes other foods too. It can be washed manually but is dishwasher-safe.

7. Amazon Commercial Stainless Steel Rotary Cheese Grater

Highlighted Features

  • 18/10 stainless steel construction
  • BPA-free
  • Multi-purpose
  • Dishwasher-safe

This rotary cheese grater from Amazon Commercial is just as expected – quality, fast, and efficient. It boasts 100% stainless steel construction to ensure supreme quality. It has just one drum blade which fits perfectly in the appliance’s rotary design.

The hopper is wide enough to contain medium sizes of cheese and the handle has been well designed; a simple turn gets the drum blades running. It’s also non-slip and permits comfortable grip during use.

That’s not all. It provides versatile functions. It can be used to grate other foods. It is dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning. Some customers have said it’s a great restaurant cheese grater so if you need one, you can also try it out.

8. BR JUNKER Manual Rotary Cheese Grater

Highlighted Features

  • 3 switchable drum blades
  • Lockable suction base
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe

If your cheese prepping procedure involves slicing, fine or coarse shredding, then you should consider this product. How does it achieve these three textures? Simple, it comes with 3 interchangeable drum blades.

The handle, body, and drum blades can be conveniently detached by the push of a button. It can also be assembled easily likewise. Underneath the product is a powerful suction base. The suction base has a lock button that improved sturdiness.

The body is made from BPA-free plastic and the drum blades are from quality stainless steel. When you’re not grating cheese, you can use it to grate cauliflower, nut, carrot, zucchini, and so on. It goes in the top rack of dishwashers for fast and easy cleanup.

9. Tevokon Cheese Grater Rotary Vegetable Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • 3 stainless steel drum blades
  • Food pusher
  • Lockable handle
  • Versatile

This rotary cheese grater, like many others, is made from food-grade and BPA-free plastic while the sharp grating blades are made from quality stainless steel. The drum blades are for slicing, coarse shredding, and fine shredding.

All parts can be put together in a matter of minutes that’s how easy it is to install. They can also be disassembled easily for cleaning or storage. Speaking of cleaning, it’s not dishwasher-safe so cleaning has to be done manually.

It comes with lock buttons for the clear cover and the handle. There’s also a food pusher to help with small foods. It comes in handy whenever you also need to grate nuts, potatoes, cucumbers, etc. It comes with a free peeler.

10. Ancevsk Manual Rotary Cheese Grater

Highlighted Features

  • BPA-free plastic
  • 3 stainless steel roller blades
  • Easy setup
  • Lockable suction base

Last but not the least is Ancevsk Manual Rotary Cheese Grater. This rotary cheese grater gives other products a run for their money with its speed and efficiency.

It doesn’t come assembled but that can be done in a few minutes. It works by turning the handle once which in turn rotates the stainless steel drum blades 360 degrees to give you your desired texture. Other body parts are made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic.

The rollerblades are angled to ensure food never gets stuck on them. This means you will find cleaning this product manually easy since it’s not dishwasher-safe.

Besides grating cheese, it has proven to be extensively useful in grating other foods such as cucumber, garlic, beetroot, radish, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Rotary cheese graters are your ticket to shredding and slicing hard cheeses in just a matter of minutes. You’re here because you want to get one and we are here to make sure you get the best one.

A glance at our buying guide and product reviews above will guide you to select the right product and if you’re still confused, here are two recommendations for you.

If you want nothing but the best, go for Ourokhome Rotary Cheese Grater Shredder. It’s made from quality materials, safe to use, and versatile.

However, if you want a more affordable product, Amazon Commercial Stainless Steel Rotary Cheese Grater is perfect. It is durable, easy to use, and dishwasher-safe.

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