Electric Spiralizers to Transform Veggies into Noodles

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you’ll need the electric spiralizer amongst a host of other tools to help transform your recipes into incredible dishes.

When your recipe calls for spiralized veggies like carrots, cucumbers, or zucchini, this kitchen appliance will be of great use in exploring your creativity and making your dishes more appetizing.

So what exactly is an electric spiralizer? If you’re hearing of this kitchen appliance for the first time (which we doubt), it’s a kitchen appliance that can be used to cut vegetables into ribbons or noodles – like making zucchinis into zoodles. You can also use them for fruits like apples.

Spiralizing raw vegetable with spiralizer on a board

You don’t have to be a vegan to need this; electric spiralizers will be useful for those on a keto or paleo diet. We’ve taken the liberty to research from the large pool of best spiralizers available and narrowed them to the 10 electric spiralizers.

Ride with us.

What is an Electric Spiralizer?

Healthy meals are the new “delicious”. If you really want to eat healthily, you have to do away with excess carbs and fats and embrace healthier options like vegetables.

Sounds boring, right? And that’s where electric spiralizers come in.

Electric spiralizers are kitchen appliances made from metal or plastic construction. They usually have a multi-blade system which users use to transform their fruits or vegetables into more exciting spaghetti, ribbons, fettuccine, or linguine noodles.

Why do I need an Electric Spiralizer?

Before anything else, let’s talk about the health benefits of owning an electric spiralizer. Research shows that vegetable noodles boost your vitamin, antioxidant, and fiber intake while cutting back on your carbs and calories.

As for the hardware itself, it provides you with a super easy and faster way of making your noodles without creating any mess as your noodles go straight into the prep bowl which is usually of enough capacity to hold your noodles.

They also offer multiple functions. Some products come with attachments for puréeing, whipping, and blending.

In terms of safety, some products come with built-in safety mechanisms to prevent injuries that might be inflicted by the blades. That’s not all. The construction materials are food-grade with the plastic materials being FDA-free.

An electric spiralizer is everything you want your kitchen appliance to be – safe, fast, and easy to use, store, and clean. 

How to Use an Electric Spiralizer?

Different products have their method of operation, albeit, they follow a similar style. We are going to explain using Hamilton Beach Electric Vegetable Spiralizer as an example.

This is a hands-on and more compact product so it’s really easy to use. You start by putting the parts together – also very easy.

When the product is assembled, you put your vegetable or fruit in the transparent chute and then place the food grip on top, hooking into the vegetable or fruit. Switch on your appliance and proceed to push the food grip down, sending the chute content down into the cutting cone blades which turns it into noodles and is collected by the prep bowl below.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Spiralizer?

If you’re interested in getting nothing but the electric spiralizer, you should look beyond just aesthetics and consider the important factors that we’ve listed below for you.

Which One Should I go for – Manual or Electric Spiralizer?

As its name suggests, manual spiralizers are operated manually. Using a manual spiralizer will be tedious and may not be a good fit especially if you’re new to using spiralizers.

If you’re looking at spiralizing for the first time or regularly, an electric spiralizer is a better choice. They are easier to use and will save you a lot of time and energy.

However, when it comes to price, manual spiralizers are cheaper than electric ones. The ball is in your court really, but you should note that the ease of operating a kitchen appliance should be considered a top priority over price. 

Ease of Assembling

Some spiralizers come with removable parts which you have to set up yourself. For the sake of convenience and a smooth flow of use, the electric spiralizer you’re looking at should be easy to assemble. It makes your work easier and faster.

On the same page, this would also make the product easy to disassemble for washing or storage.

How to Spiralize without a Spiralizer?

No spiralizer? No problem. You can still make vegetable noodles without using a spiralizer. However, you would have to have any of these kitchen tools to get the work done for you;

  • Paring knife
  • Mandoline slicer
  • Box grater
  • Julienne peeler

What Vegetables Can I Spiralize?

There are wide varieties of vegetables you can spiralize from beets to broccoli to carrots. That’s not all. You can also spiralize butternut squash, potatoes, turnips, zucchinis, or cabbage. The list goes on and on.

How to Clean an Electric Spiralizer?

Whether it’s plastic or metal construction, you can clean your electric spiralizers easily. The metal body or non-removable part of the plastic product can be wiped clean using a damp towel.

Some products come with cleaning brushes to remove harder stains, so you can easily use that too. The cleaning brushes can also be used to remove stuck food on the blades.

The removable parts are usually dishwasher-safe, all you need do is place them in your dishwasher and watch it perform its magic.

Electric Spiralizer Reviews

1. BELLA 4-in-1 Automatic Electric Spiralizer & Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • 70W of power
  • Four blades
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Auto-stop
  • Dishwasher-safe

This electric spiralizer is one strong machine that stays sturdy on all tables or countertops. It stands at 7.48 inches tall with four non-skid bases on each corner of the appliance.

It’s about 12.13 inches in length which makes it possible for it to hold vegetables of up to 6 inches in length. It comes with four different blades and will effortlessly cut your veggies or fruits into noodles within seconds.

Who says all kitchen appliances must be operated hands-on? The auto-stop feature allows you to work hands-free. How? Simply place your veggie in it, lock it, and flip the switch.

When it comes to usability, it’s on top of the list. With just a turn of the knob, you get to make vegetable ribbons!

As for maintenance, it comes with a cleaning brush that is hard enough to remove stuck food and the whole product can easily be disassembled so each part can be washed better and faster in the dishwasher.

2. KitchenAid Electric Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-blade system
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Extra accessories
  • Dishwasher-safe parts

You’re looking at a durable product that will stay sturdy on your work surfaces like it’s glued on it. To get started, you’ll have to connect to the power hub of your stand mixer utilizing its motor to supply power to the attachment.

It features a multi-blade system – more than any other electric spiralizer on this list with a whopping number of 7 blades. Three of those blades are spiralizers for extra-fine, fine, and medium. There are also three slicing blades for large, thin, and small slices with the last being the peeling blade.

It comes with stand mixer attachments for peeling, coring, and slicing and all parts are dishwasher-safe for hassle-free maintenance. The metal body can be cleaned by just wiping it with a damp cloth.

It comes with a storage case for easy storage and access to the accessories.

3. Hamilton Beach Electric Vegetable Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • Made from food-grade plastic
  • 3 cutting cones
  • Easy setup
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • 6-cup bowl

Hamilton 3-in-1 Vegetable Spiralizer offers you the golden chance of making spaghetti, linguine, and ribbon – courtesy of its 3 cutting cones. Like that’s not impressive enough, it does them quickly too.

The chute is about 2.5 inches wide which is enough to hold any vegetable size. The food grip is metallic and is designed to securely hold your food as it drives it down into the blade. When your spiralized food comes out, it goes into the receiving bowl which has a 6-cup capacity.

This product is made from BPA-free plastic and its ergonomic design makes it convenient to store. Speaking of convenience, you’d find out the parts are really easy to put together.

A cleaning brush is included in the package to clean the non-removable parts manually while all removable parts are dishwasher-safe for faster and more convenient cleaning.

4. Chefman Electric Spiralizer & Immersion Blender

Highlighted Features

  • 300 Watts
  • 3 blades for spiralizing
  • Push-button control
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Blending accessories

If you’re the type to enjoy multiple functions, here’s one product that gives other products a run for their money with its 6-in-1 feature.

It boasts of a high power rating of 300 Watts supplied by a quiet motor. This product is the perfect addition to your kitchen as it can blend, chop, whisk, grate, ribbon, and of course spiral – courtesy of the 3 spiralizing blades it comes with.

One merit of this electric spiralizer over horizontal ones is that you can use this on a cutting board and trust us when we say using this product is as easy as it gets. The handle, made from BPA-free plastic allows soft, comfortable holds and it houses two push-buttons for speed control.

There are several blending options to enjoy. The stick design is compatible with large pots and mixing bowls. The parts that make up this product are removable and are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

5. Presto Electric Slicer & Shredder

Highlighted Features

  • Power of 125 Watts
  • 3-in-1
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Easy storage
  • Dishwasher-safe

Have you ever needed to shred, slice, or grate your vegetables, fruits, or cheese for salad, pizza, soup, or desserts? Was that a yes? Excellent! Here’s a reliable product that can help you with any of those!

Presto Electric Shredder shoots your sliced or shredded veggies right into a salad bowl or straight on your pizza. It makes use of slicing and shredding cones. They are interchangeable and can be conveniently attached and locked using the twist-lock ring.

It can also be used to grate your chocolates and chop nuts and does a fine job shredding your cheese for pizza making use of sharp stainless steel blades.

The parts of this product except the motor base are dishwasher-safe so you can wash easily. Its compact design makes it convenient to store – you can find it a place in your drawer and you’re all set.

6. BLACK & DECKER Electric Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • 6 cutting blades
  • Made from plastic
  • Easy knob control
  • Dishwasher-safe

With this electric spiralizer, you’re going to have endless meal outcomes. Why? It comes with 6 different blades – yes, that’s right!

Does your cooking require thick, thin noodles, or ribbon noodles? Or you just want to make thick or thin slices with wavy cuts? Here’s your number pick to achieve those desired results.

It’s made of plastic and is sturdy enough for your kitchen table. One unique feature it offers is that it spiralizes your veggies from top to bottom so you can get as many slices or noodles as possible.

It’s very easy to use and the chute can be continuously loaded so you dictate its maximum capacity. The six blades and other parts are dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning. The blades can be stored easily too; just stack them on each other and that’s it.

It comes with a storage bag and a cleaning brush.

7. Braun Multiquick Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • 400W of power
  • 35% faster
  • 3 blades for spiralizing
  • Versatile
  • Dishwasher-safe

Only two words can perfectly describe this product – value and speed. This product is powered by a 400W motor combined with varioSpeed Technology which provides 21 different speeds. What this means is that you achieve your spiralizing results 35 times faster than regular products.

It comes with 3 spiralizing blades for creating medium, narrow, or wide spirals for a wide variety of vegetables. Did we mention it comes with an extra accessory? Well, it does and with it, you get to convert your electric spiralizer into a blender or chopper with a 5-cup capacity.

The construction is a combination of stainless steel and plastic so you can rely on its durability. There’s a cleaning brush in the package for quick cleaning but the parts are dishwasher-safe for a more thorough cleaning.

If you’re more of a soup person, make use of the blending wand attachment with splash control and power bell.

8. Oster Black Electric Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • 2 spiralizing blades
  • Convenient handling
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Sleek and compact design

Having difficulties spiralizing your hard vegetables? Not anymore, Oster Black Electric Spiralizer to the rescue. It has two spiralizing blades for making spaghetti and fettuccine noodles which are delivered straight into the prep bowl.

The prep bowl has a large capacity so you don’t have to worry if it can hold your noodles or not. This product is one of the easiest-to-use spiralizers out there. The chute is narrow and wide enough to hold regular-sized vegetables with the food pusher always doing a great job of guiding your vegetables down into the spiralizing blade.

The design makes it easy to use. The power button is on the handle and during use, you can hold the handle firmly with your other hand safely on the food pusher.

The parts just mentioned can be easily removed for easy cleaning using the dishwasher and can be put together quickly too – without using a manual!

9. Starfrit Electric Spiralizer

Highlighted Features

  • 2 stainless steel blades
  • Plastic construction
  • Safety lock
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Compact design allows easy storage

Starfrit Electric Spiralizer is an aesthetically pleasing product and will add more glamor to your table setting, but there’s more to this product than meets the eye.

It’s made from plastic and has two stainless steel blades – a fine circle blade and slicing blade. The circle blade transforms your veggies or fruits into noodles while the slicing blade is perfect for turning your veggies or fruits into ribbons.

The parts that make up this veggie spiralizer, whether whole or together, can be easily stored. They are also dishwasher-safe for easy and fast cleanup.

To ensure users’ safety during use, there’s a built-in safety lock feature that makes sure the blades don’t work if the chute is not locked in. The prep bowl design is transparent so you can view and keep track of your spiralized food.

10. Aicok Electric Spiralizer 

Highlighted Features

  • Power rating of 120W
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Easy to use and store
  • 1.5L capacity

Get your salad, vegetable pasta, or potato twists making the process smooth with this electric spiralizer. Standing at just 7.7″, it’s a small and compact product that can be used easily and storage won’t be an issue either.

It’s powered by a 120W motor which is more than enough to enable the double cone blades to effectively spiralize your food. The prep bowl is made from food-grade material and has a capacity of 1.5L which will collect enough spiralized food.

You can employ the services of the two cutting cones which are perfect for making spaghetti and linguine. All parts of this electric spiralizer can be detached for easy maintenance.

The package also includes a blade cone holder, food pusher, and feeder chute of 65mm which can all be easily put together.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on a keto, paleo, vegan, or vegetarian diet or you simply just want to eat healthily, you need a spiralizer to help transform your veggies and fruits into delectable noodles. Not just any type of spiralizer though – the best of them all; an electric spiralizer.

Electric spiralizers are exactly what you need – nothing less, nothing more. They are everything you want your kitchen appliance to be – fast, reliable, easy to use, and clean.

Above this section are well-detailed reviews on 10 products we’ve carefully selected so you can pick whichever you feel will meet your needs the most.

If you’re ready to invest your money in an electric spiralizer, BELLA 4-in-1 Automatic Electric Spiralizer & Slicer should be your first pick. It’s strong and sturdy with four different blades and it has a safety lock mechanism.

You can still get good quality without spending much and that’s exactly why Aicok Electric Spiralizer is the one for you. It comes with dual stainless steel blades and is compact for easy storage.

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