Over the Sink Cutting Board: Maximize Your Working Space

Have you ever wished for a larger kitchen?-You’ve probably thought of this at least once!

But, you needn’t change your entire kitchen to maximize your working space you just need the over-the-sink cutting board!

This specialized board offers an extended cutting area and it’s made to fit over kitchen sinks. It’s ideal for smaller kitchens, but for bigger ones too, especially when you’re prepping larger amounts of food and space is running out.

Often, they come with integrated colanders for draining cans or storing produce.

Others have adjustable wire handles for easy maneuvering.

Over the sink cutting board put beside sink

This is one of the most innovative kitchen gadgets, suitable for both home and professional cooks. But, with so many boards available on the market, it can become difficult to find the most suitable one for you.

Don’t worry-our mission here at Knife Verge is to help you in the decision-making process-check out our list of the 10 top over the sink cutting boards currently on Amazon.

Stay tuned!

What is an Over The Sink Cutting Board?

The better the quality and sophistication of the kitchen accessories we use, the easier it becomes for us to prep and cooks food.

One of those essential kitchen accessories that you may not necessarily think of first is an over the sink cutting board. It’s especially beneficial if you have a kitchen with a smaller workstation space or if you want to increase the space in an RV.

When we prep food with ease and comfort, it will taste better!

Most over the sink cutting boards are designed to fit over standard sink sizes and thanks to their non-slippery bottoms, they stand firmly in place and maximize the space.

A lot of them come with a collapsible colander that enables easy straining of the produce or you can remove it and get rid of scraps directly through the hole.

Moreover, these boards are multi-purpose-they don’t just make excellent space boosters, but you can also use them as serving boards, regular cutting boards, etc.

Some of the wooden ones we presented with elevated sides make the ideal board for serving bed-in-breakfast too.

Why Do I Need an Over The Sink Cutting Board?

If you’re dealing with low working space in your kitchen or if you live in an RV, this is a board you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Often, when the kitchen lacks the space for easy and effortless food prep, we can’t make delicious food and we skip some of the steps that ensure your food turns out amazing.

These steps are proper chopping, ideal slicing, etc. With an over-the-sink board, you definitely increase the workspace and lower mess and clutter.

These boards have indentations to ensure no liquids slip out and a lot of them have holes for removal of scraps and cleaning.

Without a doubt, it’s a smart and not-overly expensive investment that can last for a lifetime if you take good care of it!

How to Take Care of My Over The Sink Cutting Board?

The proper care for your over-the-sink board depends on the material it’s made of.

For example, if you decide on a plastic one, most of them are dishwasher-safe, so you have two cleaning options.

Either you clean them by hand with soap and water or you put the dishwasher. Both are fine and won’t cause any damage or reduce the board’s quality.

On the other hand, if you decide to go with a wooden option, make sure you only wash it by hand with soap and water. And, never leave it soaking in water, but dry it thoroughly using a clean cloth.

This is because high heat and prolonged moisture can cause it to warp, splinter, and eventually crack.

What Should I Know Before Buying an Over The Sink Cutting Board?


One of the most important factors when deciding on any cutting board, not just over-the-sink ones, is the material they’re made of.

Make a list of your priorities-what you want from the material (aesthetically-pleasing, dishwasher-safe, long-lasting, etc.) and check whether plastic or wood fills most of your conditions.

In this way, you can find what’s best for you, not what’s necessarily considered the optimal choice.

Most often, as we previously noted, the over-the-sink boards are made of wood or quality plastic.

Generally speaking, wood is really aesthetically-pleasing, long-lasting, and a more sustainable source that’s easy on your knives and other utensils; however, it’s not dishwasher-safe and may be more expensive in terms of price and maintenance (additional costs for oil, etc.)


When choosing a board that’s meant to fit over something like a sink, it’s pivotal to choose the right size.

Although most of these boards are designed in a size that will fit on most standard-sized sinks, it’s always important to double-check this to be sure.


No one wants a board that looks bad when you use it, on the contrary, you want it to be functional and beautiful and to complement your kitchen when you’re using it as a serving tray or when it’s displayed in your kitchen.

In terms of aesthetics, wooden boards are definitely leaders-wood is naturally impressive and adds a beautiful atmosphere regardless of the kitchen’s style.

Still, this doesn’t mean that the plastic ones can’t be beautiful- with the tech improvements nowadays, they do offer some great designs that may be just what you’re looking for in a cutting board!


Bacteria formation is an important contributing factor when choosing an over the sink cutting board.

If we’re to choose a better option between wood and plastic, it will be the former as it possesses natural antibacterial characteristics.

However, although plastic boards are often a better choice for meat, their porous surface will absorb the juices.

And, they also tend to worsen over time and thus, the removal and cleaning of the bacteria will become more challenging too.


A cutting board should be easy on your knife blades-this is why you should put glass material last on the list.

But, some types of plastics can also be hard on your blades, so tread carefully there as well.

If you’re looking for nothing but the best for your knives, wooden boards are always the smartest option.

Over the Sink Cutting Board Reviews

1. Lipper International Bamboo Over the Sink Cutting Board

Lipper International Bamboo Wood Over-The-Sink/Stove Kitchen Cutting...

Highlighted Features

  • Awesome gift idea
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Aesthetically-pleasing
  • Versatile

This classic bamboo over the sink cutting board creates an amazing additional working space.

It’s designed with side indentations to make sure the liquid doesn’t drip aside It’s supported on both ends and it’s, therefore, easy to set over the countertop or sink.

The choice of bamboo isn’t just aesthetically-pleasing and natural, but also functional.

Namely, bamboo is a self-healing and renewable source. They won’t dull your knives-on the contrary, they’ll be good on the blades.

But, to make sure it lasts for a long period, just wash it by hand using mild soap and cool water and avoid leaving it soaked. Always dry it thoroughly to prevent cracks.

To help keep it in optimal shape, it’s always a good idea to oil it occasionally.

2. Progressive International Over the Sink Cutting Board

Prepworks by Progressive Over-the-Sink Cutting Board, PCB-3510G,...

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Collapsible colander included

This is one of the over the sink cutting boards out there-chop and slice veggies and fruits over the sink easily and effortlessly. Lack of space in your kitchen will no longer be an obstacle.

The board is constructed using quality polypropylene and it’s completely dishwasher-safe. Thanks to the removable and collapsible colander included, you can easily rinse or store your produce.

You can also use it to keep scraps or the prepped produce after chopping- so versatile! The colander collapses flat to 1/3 of its original size to easily store it. Thanks to the non-skid feet, it will stay in place all the time without moving around.

Customers loved it the most for being easy to clean and easy to use.

3. Dexas Over the Sink Strainer Board

Dexas Over the Sink Poly Cutting Board with Collapsible Colander...

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy
  • Doesn’t slip
  • Removable colander
  • Raised edges
  • Doesn’t dull the knives

This over the sink cutting board features a 2- ½ quart removable and collapsible strainer. It’s the ideal board for chopping, slicing, and prepping fruits, veggies, etc.

It’s a beautiful combo of red and white color and thanks to the firm’s non-slippery edges, the board will stay firm in place once you set it over the sink. It’s made from quality plastic.

The colander can be separately used as it’s removable. And, thanks to the raised edges, the juices from the produce won’t slip out and cause a mess.

This is a durable, non-porous, and odor-resistant board. It’s so easy-to-clean and comes at a reasonable price. You can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher, both are just fine.

And, don’t worry; the board won’t dull your knives although it’s plastic.

4. Camco Sink Mate Cutting Board

Highlighted Features

  • Great for RVs
  • Side indentation
  • Non-slippery feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable

If you own an RV and you’re regularly on the go, you need this white over the sink cutting board. It fits right onto the sink and helps you increase the working space in the already mini kitchen.

It’s made from strong and durable polyethylene and it measures 12.5 inches by 14.5 inches.

One of its corners is indented to ensure a steady release of scraps. The bottom non-skid feet keep it firm and prevent additional mess.

It also has 4-side indentations to avert liquids from spilling out. When you’re done using it, wash it by hand or in the dishwasher, both are just fine.

Customers loved this board the most for being easy to clean, strong, and durable.

5. QiMH’s Over-the-Sink Multifunctional Board

Highlighted Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile
  • BPA-free
  • Durable
  • Strong

For less than 20 bucks, you get this amazing over-the-sink board. It’s made from eco-friendly food-safe PP+TPR material. It’s free of BPA plastic and it’s strong, durable, and free of toxins.

It’s also multifaceted- you can use it to chop and slice and wash dishes or as a foldable dish tub or a storage basket.

It saves on space and it’s so easy to use- you just press the middle with your hand and hold the frame with the other to open the dish tub and wash and drain.

The bottom is made not to slip. Thanks to the foldable design, you save space and you needn’t waste a lot of time on cleaning.

It’s a portable, lightweight, and great solution for camping trips. It boasts ergonomic handles and there is also a beneficial draining plug for the liquids to go out.

6. Cuisinart CTG-00-CBC Over-the-Sink Board

Highlighted Features

  • Collapsible colander included
  • Non-slip edges
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 2 colors to choose from

This 20-inch cutting board comes with a collapsible and removable colander. Its rectangular shape is ideal for over the sink and it helps add more working space in the kitchen.

The non-slip silicone edges make sure the board stays firm and doesn’t move around when you’re using it. It’s dishwasher-safe, but you can wash it by hand too.

It’s available in two color combination options- one is white with black trim and the other is semi-transparent with red trim.

Customers praised the product the most for being easy to use, durable, and easy to clean.

7. Kraus Kore Over the Sink Cutting Board

Highlighted Features

  • Made from natural & sustainable bamboo
  • Double construction for extra longevity
  • Non-slippery bottom
  • Doesn’t absorb unpleasant odors
  • Great for Kraus sinks

This over the sink cutting board is primarily designed to be used with Kraus’s workstation sinks.

It’s made with all-natural, hygienic, and self-regenerating bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable and self-healing material and it won’t absorb unpleasant odors and stains.

It also boasts a double construction that ensures a sturdy and long-lasting surface.

The bottom is non-slippery to ensure the over-the-sink board fits perfectly. You can chop, dice or slice and brush off the debris right into the drain or the garbage disposal.

Thanks to the side indentations, there will be no surplus juice on the bottom causing mess and additional work.

8. Squish’s Green Over the Sink Cutting Board

Highlighted Features

  • BPA-free
  • Removable colander included
  • Gently curved rims
  • Smooth sides
  • Non-slip bottom & handles
  • Dishwasher-safe

This colorful over the sink cutting board is ideal for those who want a product that’s BPA-free and FDA-approved.

It comes with a removable and collapsible colander that can be used separately or together with the board.

It takes up low space and it’s ideal for the smaller kitchens or RVs. The material is sturdy and durable and the base underneath doesn’t slip. It’s vibrant, playful, and versatile and boasts a thoughtful design.

We appreciate the smart features like the gently curvy rims, the pour spouts, the smoothened sides, and the non-slippery handles.

Since it’s dishwasher-safe, you can easily keep it clean and ready for the next use. Customers praised it the most for its easy maintenance and is a great gift idea.

9. Island Bamboo Over the Sink Cutting Board

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Looking for the ideal large bamboo over the sink cutting board with a removable colander? – Look no more! Thanks to this amazing product, meal prepping will be as easy as a breeze.

It’s a board that fits ideally over most average-sized sinks and freely chop, strain, and slice with maximum comfort. It’s made with premium bamboo and carefully crafted and made to last.

This is also a sustainable material-it’s biodegradable, renewable, and eco-friendly.

You can shop without a worry on your mind- the company gives options for product return in their 60-day money-back guarantee.

However, the colander is made of plastic.

10. Roro Wooden Over-the-Sink Board

Highlighted Features

  • Made from sustainable wood
  • Cross-grain pattern
  • Multiple uses
  • Fits over most standard size sinks
  • Durable

This wooden board is 22 inches by 13 inches by 2 inches and it’s elevated on the sides. It’s designed to fit over most standard-sized sinks.

The wood looks sturdy and pleasant and the company used sustainable plantation wood. The cut is cross-grain.

You can also use it aside as a breakfast-in-bed board. It’s neatly packed in Roro branding.

To ensure it lasts for a long time, wash it by hand and never leave it to soak in water. Also, for the optimal glow of the wood, oil it occasionally.

Customers loved this product the most for being sturdy, easy to clean, and durable.

Final Thoughts

Over the sink cutting boards are indeed a great kitchen investment, particularly for small space kitchens or RV kitchens.

They easily fit over sinks and add amazing working space for delicious and easy food preparation.

They’re also quite versatile-they make a great serving tray or a regular cutting board. And, many of them come with extra details like a collapsible colander, which is an indispensable tool when prepping food.

They’re carefully designed to ensure low juice slippage, low risk of injuries thanks to non-slip bottoms and rounded sides, easy cleaning thanks to the scrap holes, and more.

Although often underrated, they’re something every cook will appreciate and hold dear. Plus, what a great gift they make, especially for your friend or relative who enjoys cooking!

However, with a bunch of products found online and in stores, finding the best one for you can be troublesome and time-consuming! This is why here at Knife Verge heard your voice and compiled a list with the 10 top options currently.

Our budget pick is a great choice for those who don’t want to spend a small fortune, yet want a quality product. Our best pick will require spending a bit more cash, but it’s definitely the premium out there!

Happy slicing!

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