Comfort Comes First: Kitchen Knives for Left Handers

Thanks to our guide, you’ll easily find quality knives for left-handed people and say goodbye to discomfort and poorly cut food.

If you’re a left-handed person or if you have a relative or a friend who’s left-handed, you know that challenges are many. And, it’s not without a reason.

There’s indeed a lot of struggle when trying to find friendly tools for lefties.

Especially when it comes to knives and other kitchen utensils-finding the perfect kitchen knives for left-handers can be an overwhelming process.

Left-handed girl is slicing salmon into strips on a white board on the black table

The problem gets even bigger when we realize how many products are better suited for people who’re right-handed. However, although a smaller percentage, there are still quality utensils for lefties.

And, thanks to our guide, we’ll help you learn about the kitchen knives for left-handed people and worry-free cooking.

Let’s do it!

Why do I Need a Knife Designed for Left Handers?

Although it’s sometimes possible to finish a task in the kitchen using a knife or scissors intended for righties, one thing’s for sure you can’t expect optimal performance and comfort.

You won’t be able to slice or fillet appropriately all the time, no matter if it’s meat, bread, or something else.

The angle will be too steep and you’ll end up crumbling the meat or other food, resulting in more food waste.

This being said, lefties can benefit a lot from double-edged knives, i.e. ambidextrous ones.

Single-Edged vs. Double-Edged (Ambidextrous) Blades

Although there are ambidextrous knives and tools, most are either designed for righties or lefties.

And, when right-handed people look to buy kitchen knives, they have nothing to worry about 99% of the time. Unless it’s for lefties, they can use it without a worry on their mind.

Ambidextrous knives are knives with a double edge.

For example, there are the Santoku (multi-purpose knives) and Gyuto (Chef’s knives). They have double edges so there’s no need to consider the dominant hand of the user.

Double-edged knives are knives with edges on both sides. Hence, if you were to look at the blade from the top, the left and right sides are equally sharpened; so, you can use it no matter if you’re a leftie or rightie.

Non-ambidextrous knives are all types of Japanese knives and they have a single edge. And, they’re designed for right-hand use. A single edge means that there’s only an edge on one side of the blade.

They’re popular choices for their thin blades. However, it’s definitely not the best choice.

Which Factors to Consider?

As with any other product, before buying it, it’s essential to check out the most important factors.

If you’re looking for the best knife for left-handers, here’s what you should know:

The bevel

A knife’s bevel matters; i.e. whether it’s a double-bevel or double-edged. These knives are suitable for both lefties and righties. Although these knives may be more expensive than others, they’re definitely worth the investment.

On the other hand, the single-edged ones aren’t intended for lefties unless specifically made for lefties.


It matters what the knife is made of; the most quality blades are usually constructed with high-carbon stainless steel.

Namely, it’s a good choice since it’s highly resistant to corrosion and rust and can be sharpened to a high degree.

Also, it tends to keep its edge for longer than other materials.

And, don’t remember to look for quality handles; wooden ones are a great natural material, as well as plastic which is known to be long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Type of Construction

Construction of the knife refers to how it’s made, i.e. forged or stamped.

The forged ones are considered higher quality and sharper, strong, and keep their edge for longer.

Surely, a stamped one may be cheaper, but it’s still strong enough and there are amazing stamped knives for lefties you can find.

Full-tang or Partial

This is another factor that has to do with how the knife’s been constructed; the former has a blade that goes all the way through from the handle to its tip.

They tend to be costlier and considered sturdier and offer greater balance. However, they tend to cost more

The partial ones are made of two parts; there are a blade and a handle, i.e. 50:50. Despite the higher risk of snapping, many prefer them for their lighter weight and more affordable price.


Sure, although these specialized knives tend to be on the costlier side, it doesn’t always mean that paying a lot is the best solution.

Of course, some premium models from renowned brands with high-quality materials may justify their price, but you can still pay less and get a good knife.

Sometimes, compromising on some feature that seems like the least important for you may help.

For example, you don’t mind a plastic handle, yet you get a premium blade.  

How to Clean My Knife?

No matter if it’s intended for lefties, righties, or both, all knives need to be kept clean and disinfected.

This doesn’t just help us keep our food safe, but also ensures our investment lasts long and serves us right.

Although some of the models we presented can be washed in the dishwasher, some blades and handles may be damaged if exposed to abrasives from dishwasher soaps persistently.

Also, wooden handles can crack and become loose as time goes by if you keep putting them in the dishwasher.

So, it’s always a safe bet to clean them by hand using mild soap and warm water. And, always dry them right away.

What’s more, it’s recommendable to also oil the knife’s blade to ensure optimal performance and longevity. You can do this after every use or every month or so. Remember to always hold the blades in a downward position when oiling them!

Sharpening is also recommendable when you’ve noticed the blade has gone dull.

Kitchen Knives for Left-Handers Review

1. Best Chef’s Knife for Left Handers

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Great manoeuvrability
  • Easy to hold   

Looks premium and offers optimal comfort for left-handed users. Featuring an 8-inch high-carbon VG-MAX steel blade and 34 layers of Damascus cladding, it optimizes cutting and slicing.

Handmade in Japan, it’s ground and honed to make the blade razor-sharp to 16-degree edge.  Thanks to the optimized balance achieved with the bolster, handling and maneuvering are amazing.

The blonde pakkawood handle isn’t just modern, but it also betters the grip and it’s comfy for both lefties and righties.

Lightweight, enduring, and awesome cutting power, it’s a beautiful and sharp choice, ideal for lefties.

2. Best Sashimi Knife for Left Handers

Highlighted Features

  • Sleek design
  • Optimized for lefties
  • Versatile & comfy
  • Suitable for filleting

With a sleek design and a long 10-inch blade, this knife is perfect for lefties. Its blade is razor-sharp and made from high-carbon German steel. Plus, it’s additionally strengthened to resist corrosion, rust, and discoloration.

It will slide effortlessly through meat, veggies, fruits, and more. The blade has a single edge designed only for left-hand use.

It’s tapered using a fine stone finish. The handle, made using NSF-approved Santoprene, is comfy and durable.

To ensure it lasts for a lifetime, remember to wash it by hand, avoid the dishwasher and harsh chemicals.

Customers who bought it praised it the most for offering good value for money, awesome maneuverability, and versatility.

3. Best Paring Knife for Left Handers

Highlighted Features

  • Comfy handle
  • Versatile blade
  • Ideal for paring
  • Suitable for left-handed people

If you’re a leftie and looking for a paring knife, this one is ideal for you! The 2.75-inch curved blade is made with strong and long-lasting stainless steel.

The pointed tip ensures you easily cut, chop, and slice all kinds of fruits and veggies, but also peel potatoes, remove seeds from foods, etc.

Thanks to the slim and short blade, it will help you do delicate tasks easier and with more precision. The blade eases things a lot-it’s made ergonomic from the quality and long-lasting plastic that’s gentle on your hands.

It will fit in the hand ideally and help you feel in control. The edge is sharpened on the right side of the blade to allow left-handed people to make straight and easy cuts.

4. Best Deba Knife for Left Handers

Highlighted Features

  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfy handle
  • Perfect for lefties
  • Ideal for fish & meat

If you need a Deba knife to cut fish and meat and you’re also a leftie, this is a suitable choice for you. The straight blade is made from strong stainless steel.

It’s designed to be used by people with the dominant left hand for different tasks in the kitchen.

The Japanese quality steel won’t rust or go dull and it will last for a long period of time.

Moreover, it has a wonderful blade that doesn’t just look natural, but also offers balance, comfort, and easy maneuvers.

It’s made using natural wood and it’s connected to the blade with a sturdy collar from polypropylene resin. To preserve its quality and optimal performance, washing it by hand is recommendable. 

5. Best Steak Knife for Left Handers

Highlighted Features

  • Made for lefties
  • Serrated blade perfect for meat
  • Comfy handle
  • Versatile

Thanks to this knife, you’ll have pleasant and effortless steak prep, especially if you’re left-handed.

The serrated 4.5-inch blade is constructed from strong stainless steel and it’s dishwasher-safe.

However, to prolong its longevity and preserve its performance, Knife Verge recommends hand washing your knives and drying them afterward.

The edge has been sharpened on the right side to enable clean and easy cuts with the left hand.

What’s more, using the knife is easy thanks to the ergonomically designed handle constructed with soft-grip plastic.

6. Best Fish Fillet Knife for Left Handers

Highlighted Features

  • Great for lefties
  • Sharp & long blade
  • Perfect for filleting
  • Pointed tip blade
  • Long-lasting

Are you a left-handed person who enjoys filleting fish?-If the answer is yes, you’ll love this knife. It’s perfect for all fish and seafood and it will be your go-to knife.

It features a long 10-inch pointed tip blade constructed carefully using premium stainless steel. It’s additionally strengthened to reduce corrosion and discoloration.

No matter if you’re an expert or an occasional user, this is a suitable choice for you. The straight blade is single-edged and sturdy.

It’s also worth mentioning that it comes packed in a beautiful box, making it a great gift and easy for storage.

The handle made of wood also looks comfy and lightweight, easing the filleting.

7. Best Bread Knife for Left Handers

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for bread cutting
  • Suitable for lefties
  • Japanese quality
  • Extra comfy handle

We cut bread daily, so it matters to have a good knife to do this. And, this includes left-handed people. Thanks to this knife for lefties, it will become your favorite task.

The serrated high-carbon Japanese stainless steel blade offers high sharpness, longevity, and quality. It won’t rust or corrode and it will maintain its sharpness for long.

What’s more, we have to give praise for the handle; it’s ergonomically designed, a blend of polypropylene and Santoprene, known for their sturdiness and longevity.

It also has textured finger points that allow you to have a better grip and safety, but also a low chance of slippage, even when working with wet or damp hands.

There’s also a protective finger guard included for additional safety. Made in one piece, it’s definitely a worthy product.

8. Best Fruit Peeling Knife for Left Handers

Highlighted Features

  • Blade from premium German steel
  • Doesn’t rust or go dull
  • Full-tang construction
  • Amazing handle

Cut and slice various veggies and fruits with this Asian cleaver suitable for lefties. With an 8-inch extra sharp straight blade made of German high-carbon steel, it offers durability and strong cutting performance.

Thanks to the superb alloy, it won’t rust or go dull.

We really appreciate the stunning triple-riveted Pakkawood handle- it has a comfy grip and doesn’t slip. Resilient and full-tang, it’s pretty easy to maneuver it.

Without a doubt, the design is quite user-friendly when it comes to its weight and size and thus, users won’t feel tired, even after prolonged use.

Customers who bought this knife gave it the most kudos for offering great maneuverability, durability, and handle comfort. 

9. Best Bread & Bagel Knife for Left Handers

Highlighted Features

  • Natural feel
  • Perfect for lefties
  • Serrated & sharp blade
  • Comfy handle

This knife with a slicer design is amazing for left-handed users for perfect bagel and bread slices.

Made in the US, it doesn’t just look great, but it also has some pretty awesome features. Made from walnut wood, it’s natural, long-lasting, and comfy.

It helps you slice and cut easily, with minimal effort. The blade is serrated and made with strong stainless steel for optimal cuts and slices.

The handle also looks comfy. With this knife, you choose green products, considering that the wood is supplied from local manufacturers.

Customers who purchased this slicer praised it the most for offering good value for money, craftsmanship, and ergonomic design.

10. Best Sushi & Sashimi Knife for Left Handers

Highlighted Features

  • Handmade from Japanese steel
  • Awesome for thin fillets
  • Sleek design
  • Comfy handle

Handcrafted in Japan, this knife boasts Japanese high-carbon stainless steel; it’s an awesome filleting knife with a highly sharp, straight blade.

It’s designed for lefties and has a single-edge blade that glides throughout any fish with minimal effort.  The design is sleek and elegant and the handle is carefully handcrafted from Shitan wood.

It’s made balanced to ensure easy and effective maneuvers. If you buy it, you also get some amazing additions, including oil for the blade, a sheath for blade protection and safety, and an eraser for rust removal.

Moreover, the knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty-beautiful and functional; it’s a knife worth considering.

Final Thoughts

In a world that’s designed for righties, being a leftie comes with challenges. And, considering that around 90 percent of people are right-handed, it doesn’t come as a surprise.

However, this doesn’t mean that lefties don’t deserve products and designs that will be suitable for them and enable them to finish daily chores, like cooking, with ease.

When it comes to cooking, knives are something we use the most, so it’s essential they’re as comfy as possible.

This is why we wanted to ease things for left-handed users and presented the 10 best kitchen knives for left-handers.

Our best pick is an awesome choice for those who want premium knives with optimal longevity and quality materials; still, if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on this knife, our budget pick has some pretty useful characteristics!

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