Pizza Cutter Wheel You Should Consider Buying

Pizza cutter wheels are one of those kitchen gadgets that are so often overlooked. I mean, they only have one use. It is, therefore, logical that most people would choose the cheapest option.

Pizza wheels are what you’ll find in most households. They usually comprise of a sharp blade wheel attached to a long handle.

However, direct grip pizza wheels are gaining in popularity. You don’t have the long handle. Instead, the wheel has a lid that you hold it on. This may give some users more power than the long handle wheel, but it is also more difficult to see where you are cutting as the cover and your hand can obstruct the view.

A direct grip slicer is high on our list.

However, it turns out that you can do more with a pizza cutter than just slice pizza. Use it as a dough disk to cut homemade pasta or dough. You can also use it to cut quesadillas, fondant, and even herbs.

So don’t just buy a pizza cutter wheel; buy the top quality and versatile pizza cutter.

Cutting spicy pizza with salami, meat, ham, sausage, peppers, mushrooms, tomato, cheese with a pizza cutter on a wooden board on a black background

In our quest for the pizza cutter wheels, we read hundreds of expert and buyer reviews and reviews of dozens of models. Our guide includes cutters that cut seamlessly through different types of pizza, are durable, and are easy to clean.

According to thousands of reviewers on Amazon, these are the pizza cutting tools out there, whether you’re looking for wheel cutters, rocking knives, or scissors.

These pizza cutters cut seamlessly through thick pizza crusts without pulling cheese and toppings along the way.

What to Consider before Buying a Pizza Cutter Wheel

Lifespan of a Pizza Cutter Wheel

Before purchasing, scan the router’s material and finish to get an idea of its lifespan. To ensure the product’s shelf life or to save money, choose a pizza cutter wheel with at least a one-year warranty or satisfaction guarantee.

If it doesn’t take long enough, you can ask the manufacturers to return the money by showing them your proof of purchase. An even better option would be to request a free replacement or return the damaged part after replacing it.

What You Should Know About Pricing

We all know it’s important to shop on a budget, but it’s better to look for a tool with high performance and a relatively reasonable price for cutlery. If you choose the absolute cheapest, you as a customer may not be satisfied and need up to 2-3 sign-ups.

Since pizza is a dish usually shared by many people, it is wise to choose one with a soothing or stylish design.

Consider Pizza Cutter Hygiene and Suitable Materials

Knives or cutters made from one piece of stainless steel rarely show cracks. As a result, they tend to fight germs more strongly and are more hygienic than others.

What’s Important When Choosing a Pizza Cutter Wheel?

Consider the Quality and Types of Material of a Pizza Cutter Wheel

There are many other materials in these tools, such as rubber, various plastics, and sometimes wood. Even if the product says stainless steel, look for quality or certified tailors.

For any other material, make sure it is original, as there are much cheaper counterfeit versions on the market.

What Kind of Design You Should Choose

As mentioned before, there are mainly two types of pizza cutter designs today. First, consider how you will use the cutter. If it only contains pizza, the wheel model seems to fit better.

However, if you want to use a tool to cut vegetables, herbs, desserts, and pizzas, the mezzaluna is the more suitable option. There are also differences in the placement, structure, and angle of the handles.

Carefully choose the one you can use the most effortlessly.

Always Think About Safety before Making the Purchase

The sharpness of the blade can cause severe accidents for you and your loved ones. That’s why it’s always a better idea to find a pizza cutter with built-in protection.

A wheel cutter can be an excellent divider between the blade and the handle. With this concrete divider, you can limit your fingers only to the grip area. If it doesn’t get to the leaf part, then there’s no chance of bloody situations.

Having a half-moon, rubber, or some non-slip gripping material on the round handle is essential. It keeps your fingers off the blade and helps them stay in that place.

Why Do I Need a Pizza Cutter Wheel?

We usually use a knife to cut the crust portion of toasted bread. Because of the sharp blade of the knife, we cannot let our children do the work. It’s kind of time-consuming because we have a lot to do, especially in the morning.

You can easily change the game with a pizza cutter at home. Just one wheel of this tool and everything is done in seconds. Also, the cutter’s blade is usually not as sharp as a knife. Therefore, parents can teach their children how to use the tool.

There is a more comfortable and more effective way to make grid strips with our tool. As you can see, the wheel design makes our cutting jobs a breeze.

Instead of using a knife, we can try our tip the next time we bake. You will find that the cutting wheel glides smoothly through the dough. You can even make straight strips in your rolled-out dough.

What are the Different Pizza Cutters Available?

The first thing to know about the item is the available types. Knowing this will help you figure things out to buy the best for your needs.

There are two types of pizza cutters: wheel cutters and tumblers. The first type is the most commonly used model in many restaurants and homes, with a wheel-like shape and sharp teeth on the outer edge.

A plus of this type is its practicality. Its size, neither too big nor too small, makes it easy to store.

The second type, or the bottlenose dolphin, has a very different shape from its predecessor. The tillable top has the form of a half-moon with two metal handles on the other side.

The two handles act as a motion controller that controls the back-and-forth movement of the blade. It makes cutting the dough easier no matter what toppings you put on it.

Pizza Cutter Wheel Reviews

1. Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • A detailed design
  • An engraved and sharp blade
  • Well packaged
  • Polished to a high gloss

This unique Star Trek cutter is an absolute blessing for the genuinely loyal fans of the Enterprise and comes in the form of the NCC-1701 from the original series. Don’t believe us? Check out the knife with the spaceship’s name engraved on it!

It has already been praised by customers for its attention to detail and is sure to satisfy your nerd gas senses. Since it is officially licensed as an ST: TNG collector’s item, special attention was paid to the packaging style.

The cutter is padded with foam and comes in a nice box, making it a pretty good gift solution.

The blade itself is large and highly polished with a sharp point! It’s also pretty sturdy but promises a long life from stainless steel. However, be careful when using it as there is no blade guard, and you are more likely to injure yourself.

The large format increases functionality, as the slices can be cut even smoother. It is securely attached to the handle for freedom of movement. So call your friends and order a big hot pizza today to show off this exquisite edition of a pizza cutter!

2. Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable item
  • Brilliant and well-thought design
  • Easy to use

Keeping in mind with any pizza cutter is that it is efficient, sharp, and easy to clean. Precisely what the Kitchy Cutter Wheel is, making it one of Amazon’s best-selling models.

It even has some outstanding features that come in handy for slicing pizzas. Available in red, green, and blue, it features an innovative design and a lifetime warranty that allows you to stay worry-free.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a product is whether it is the right choice for your needs. It’s a great product that you can use to cut the perfect pizza slices.

Given all the compliments regarding this model, you would like to know what is in this listing. And we can tell you only get the pizza cutter wheel yourself. It is worth your money and attention because, for the price you pay, it is difficult to get something of comparable quality.

3. Oxo Good Grips Easy To Clean Pizza Cutter Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • Blade protection
  • Rubber handle
  • Easy to open and reassemble

There is a round plastic handle that covers half of the main wheel. The mix of matte black, and shiny silver gives it a stylish atmosphere.

This design also helps you steer the wheel directly without physical contact with any part of the disc. So you can get the cut you wanted, but not at the expense of possible wounds.

The top part of the handle is rubberized to prevent it from slipping off your fingers during use. Besides the soft non-slip handle, Oxo also offers knife protection for the device’s safe storage.

It protects your hand while you crawl through the drawer with other tools. The grip is comfortable to open and remove the disc, which can then be thrown in the dishwasher. The disc itself is made of FDA-approved stainless steel and is 10 cm wide.

4. Kitchenaid Pizza Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel wheel
  • Integrated finger protection
  • Ergonomic handle

Let’s go back to the traditionally designed pizza cutters with this one from KitchenAid for a moment. It is available in a range of attractive colors such as essential black, bold red, and fashionable turquoise.

This cutter comprises a small wheel blade made from durable stainless steel.

It is 3 inches in diameter and initially comes with a plastic tear-off cover. To make your wish come true, just hold it at a suitable angle and slide it through.

The five-inch long handle is ergonomic and has integrated finger and thumb protection. To some extent, this makes up for the lack of proper protective cover by providing stability and minimal security.

It does not have a soft grip design, so the user must hold it tight enough. There is a hole in the system at the end of the handle for easy hanging and better storage. It is perfectly safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher.

5. Oxo Good Grips 4-Inch Pizza Wheel And Cutter

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Thumb protection in die-cast zinc
  • Non-slip handle
  • An award-winning design
  • Long-lasting cutter

Another item on our list from OXO is the one that was created with the traditional design in mind. It is also part of their Good Grips series, which has won the Tylenol / Arthritis Foundation Design Award.

The blade is made from stainless steel, but there is some debate about the sharpness, as mentioned above. Some users are very dissatisfied with the performance, and some are over the moon.

The black handle is made of machined rubber. It is soft, non-slip, and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand! However, the size might be a little too big, and the weight a little heavier. Because of this, some customers found it challenging to keep them in a drawer.

After use, simply leave it in the dishwasher to clean.

6. Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Security guard
  • Light grip
  • Durable and stylish
  • Incredibly affordable

London-based Utopia has added this stylish pizza cutter to its extensive collection of cutlery accessories. It shines through all other contemporaries. 3.5 of its total length of 9 inches is dedicated to the sharp blade.

However, it tends to be a bit shaky something that many customers have noticed. The handle is contoured for better grip and comfort.

There is protection between the handle and the blade, but the location and shape are both a little awkward. You can’t apply pressure as easily as with other similar options. It’s the right size and easy to wash in the dishwasher.

This cutter has an incredibly affordable price point and is indeed the cheapest on our list.

7. Vinzard Best Deluxe Professional Pizza Cutter Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • Sharp 304 stainless steel
  • Blade cover is in place
  • Comfortable grip with a TPR finish
  • Well packaged
  • Perfect weight and size
  • Affordable price

This luxury pizza cutter from Vinzard is one of the traditional ones. The design is effortless and straightforward. However, the packaging adds a lot to the visual aesthetic, making it a perfect gift.

The cutter comes in a beautiful box with the poem “She goes in beauty” by Lord Byron.

The sharp stainless steel blade comes with a protective cover for safe storage of the tool. It’s 3.5 inches tall and has the perfect weight by striking the right balance between too heavy and too light.

The handle is provided with TPR and therefore feels soft. This handle gives you more control over cutting thanks to the durable frame. However, durability is compromised because the thin screw often leaks out of the plastic. There is a plastic area for your fingers to rest in during use, but there is no excellent protection between the blade and the handle.

Therefore, it can be difficult for the user to apply the correct amount of pressure without endangering themselves.

8. Kitchen Gizmo Pizza Cutter Wheel

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality materials
  • Rubber handle for comfort and control
  • Contains a blade case
  • Cutting plotter is easy to stow away

If you like the simple circular cutter’s look with a handle up, you will love this option. The Kitchen Gizmo has a simple look and a handy size, with an extra grip on the top for more comfortable use.

The handle on the top of this pizza cutter makes it easy to use and provides additional security as your hand is less likely to slip during use. This cutter is quick and easy to clean when you’re done, and you no longer have to worry about food getting stuck in the handle.

The blade is sharp and is designed to easily cut through pizzas without having to take your toppings with it as you missed. The handle makes a significant difference in the ease of use of this cutter. This tool is 100% dishwasher safe.

Final Thoughts

Of course, since this is a product that you will want to last for at least 2-3 years, you shouldn’t make your ultimate choice until after some research.

Ask friends and fellow pizza enthusiasts for recommendations and similar experiences. Choosing the pizza cutter can be somewhat tricky as the market offers so many cutters in various shapes and types.

Nevertheless, we have chosen the best pick out of the top list, and that is the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter. For the uniqueness, quality, and guest impression go with it.

If the budget pick and usefulness is your top priority then as previously mentioned we suggest the Kitchy Cutter Wheel pizza cutter as it would best suit your needs.

Either way, we hope that one of the best pizza cutter wheels we have reviewed will reach you and give you the most effortless slices.

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