5 Best Knife Sharpening Stone for Sharp Knives

When kitchen knives or other cutting tools like scissors are losing their edge and shine, it can be beneficial to have a sharpening stone at hand. Keeping cutting tools sharp is not just essential for efficient cuts, but for your safety as well.

Did you know that dull blades are dangerous and can cause messy and unpleasant injuries and accidents?

So, having the best knife sharpening stone in your kitchen cabinet will not just help you maintain the blade sharp, but it will hone and polish it too. Convenient and efficient, sharpening stones are definitely becoming one of the favorite sharpening tools today. But, as there are different types of stones available and a lot of brands, it can be quite overwhelming when deciding on a purchase.

What should you do to navigate easier? Learn how these devices work!

Continue reading the article to discover our 5 top suggestions for sharpening stones.

Quick Comparison

Best Knife Sharpening Stone Review

1. KnifePlanet Sharpening Stone Set

KnifePlanet’s Sharpening Stone Set is an essential set for those who want to sharpen their complete knife collection. With this set, you will get two water stones (400/1000 and 3000/8000), a flattening stone, a bamboo holder, 2 rubber bases, and access to KnifePlanet’s online learning material.

This set will help you take proper care of even the dullest knives with minimal effort. The starting point is the 400/1000 stone which will raise the burr by sharpening the sides of the blade. The 300/8000 grit will help you refine and polish the edges while the flattening stone will help you maintain the water stones flat at all times.

The beautifully designed baseboard from bamboo will ensure steady sharpening without any slippage and injuries.

What about the access to the company’s learning resources? This collection of useful videos and articles will help you improve your sharpening skills. The resources are made with the help of professional knife sharpeners and are suitable for beginners and intermediates in sharpening.

Before using the tools; make sure you carefully read the instructions online first. And, use only tap water for watering the stones!

2. Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone

Sharp Pebble’s Premium Whetstone comes in a full sharpening package with a double-sided high-quality sharpening stone, a bamboo base that holds the device, a guide for sharpening angles, and a detailed e-book with tips and tricks.

As it is a user-friendly water stone sharpener, it requires only water to do the job perfectly. What’s more, there is no need to spend additional funds on oils. Durable and lasting, this sharpener can be used for any type of blade, including that of hunting knives, pocket knives, scissors, razors, and even axes! 

Thanks to the premium bamboo base with a catchy design, the stone will be kept firmly in place without any need to use cloths or towels.

With the help of the angle guide, you will learn how to optimize the sharpening angle. Customers are particularly satisfied when they learn that the company’s products are thoroughly inspected by a third party inspection company prior to being sold.

This award-winning tool as both suitable for home cooks and professional chefs and it can also make the ideal gift to friends or family.

3. BearMoo Whetstone 2-in-1 Sharpening Stone

BearMoo Whetstone is top quality and double-sided sharpening stone that will restore the shape of dull knives, but also touch up already sharp ones. It has a coarse 3000 grit side and a fine 8000 grit side. The coarse part will sharpen the edge while the finer side will polish the blade to perfection.

This amazing sharpening tool is constructed from professional grade white corundum and it is heat- and corrosion-resistant, which ensures its longevity. It is suitable for kitchen and pocket knives, garden tools, sporting knives, etc. However, it cannot be used with serrated and ceramic knives.

With the help of the non-slippery silicone base incorporated in the device, the chance for slippage is reduced to zero.

As the company believes in the quality of its products and respects its clients, the company offers a 30-day tryout. If you are not satisfied with the tool, you can return it within this period and you will get a full refund without any questions.

It is important to note that you should not use the middle section of the stone only, but of the full surface. You will not just “fall in love” with the tool’s optimal performance, but in its modern design too!

4. PaiTree Premium Knife Sharpening Stone

PaiTree’s Sharpening Stone Kit is a handmade water stone with high-quality materials, including high-class corundum, which passes through 17 different craftsmanship processes. The corners and edges of the tool are all clearly demarcated to prevent any confusion.

The 1000 grit is intended for fine grinding and you can use it to sharpen dull blades. This will leave the metal edge with a frost-like appearance. On the 6000 grit, you can polish the fine edges by removing burrs and finishing up the blade.

Whether it is your pocket knife or a kitchen knife, this sharpener will always deliver the best results. The anti-slip base from silicon is a steady and strong bottom that will avert any sliding of the stone by securing it in place.

PaiTree’s products have all been tested for durability and functionality prior to being shipped to customers. With certainty, this is a multipurpose sharpening stone that ensures precise and targeted sharpening and polishing at all times.

Nevertheless, you can use it for different types of blades, except for ceramic and serrated ones.

5. Whetstone Cutlery Knife Sharpening Stone

Whetstone Cutlery’s Dual-Sided Water Stone is an affordable and simple sharpener stone suitable for kitchen, pocket or hunting knives. The 400-grit and 1000-grit sharpening blocks, one of the top and other on the bottom, are made from durable silicon carbide and will restore edges to their primary shape and then smoothen and polish them.

You just need to soak it in water 5 to 10 minutes before using or lubricate it with more water if needed and you are ready to start with the sharpening. After one use only, you will restore the sharpness of all the dull and battered blades from your knife collection. Make sure you place the stone on a damp cloth with the 400 grit side faced up.

Hold the knife perpendicular to the block at a 20-degree angle and start sweeping it from left to right. For additional polishing, flip over the stone to the other grit and repeat the procedure. Clean the blade with water prior to usage.

This is, without doubt, an affordable, practical, and convenient stone sharpener for both home cooks and professionals.

Buying Guide

Why You May Need a Sharpening Stone?

Nowadays, even though there are numerous gadgets for sharpening blades available, many agree that sharpening stones (also known as whetstones) are among the top choices.

In addition to providing excellent sharpness, these devices will keep the blades safe at all times- the risk of damage with a sharpening stone is much lower than with an electric or manual knife sharpener.

Hence, sharpening stones are steadily becoming indispensable sharpening devices. Why is this so? Because they are easy-to-take care of (you just need some soap and water), easy-to-use, and provide fast and long-lasting results.

Why Opt for a Sharpening Stone?

Once you learn the most important skills in order to use a sharpening stone properly, you will achieve amazing results. The blades will be razor-sharp thanks to the adequate sharpening stone for every sharpening phase. With the help of this device, you prolong the blade’s life span and sharpness durability.

Moreover, it is also beneficial for regrinding dull blades and maintaining the sharpness of already sharp blades. Users particularly appreciate the ability to sharpen stones to help with knife thinning.

When thinning out blades, surplus material is removed from the sides of the blade and the blade becomes thinner. This is a beneficial process for blades that are frequently sharpened and for preserving the blade’s full cutting capacity.

What You Need to Know Before Deciding on a Sharpening Stone?

A sharpening stone works on the process of abrasion and it is made of small rough-edged particles. When they come into contact with material and motion and force are being applied, it starts to rub away the material.

Even though abrasives can be made from different types of materials, in most cases, sharpening stones are made from synthetic stone or hard minerals.

As the blade is being pulled along the surface of the stone, the abrasive particles wear away the metal and help you shape, smoothen, and sharpen the blade.

The stones can be of several types, including ceramic, diamond, oil, and water ones. The ceramic ones can be used dry and are available in finer grits for polished and very sharp edges. The diamond ones are also dry and best for honing carbide tools.

The oil and water options require the usage of premade oils or water to work and are two more affordable options than the previously mentioned ones.

Final Thoughts

Even though they require a bit of practice to provide the best results, stone sharpeners are one of the most commonly used sharpening tools. A lot of professional chefs and home cooks choose them over manual and electric sharpeners because they are convenient, quick, and have a much lower risk of damaging the blade.

By having this type of sharpener in your kitchen, you will never have to deal with blunt blades again!

In our top 5 list, we presented the most popular sharpening stones on the market. The models are water stones, i.e. they require only some water to start doing their thing. Your task is to keep the blade at the right angle and sweep from left to the right.

Our top choice is, without doubt, the KnifePlanet’s set of sharpening stones that will help you sharpen and polish numerous types of knives, but also help you learn how to better your sharpening skills with their exclusive access to their online sharpening tutorials.

If you are not restricted in terms of budget, another excellent option we warmly recommend is the Sharp Pebble’s sharpener. It is made with premium materials and contemporary design. You will also make a great choice if you go with Chefic’s 2-in-1 model with amazing features and longevity.

For novices in stone sharpening who are still in the phase of exploration, a good starting point would be the PaiTree or the Whetstone Cutlery models- you need not spend a small fortune, yet you will get excellent results with each use.

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