Bagel Slicers to Enjoy Perfectly Sliced Bagels at Breakfast

What other way to start your day than having freshly baked bagels with rich cream cheese for breakfast before heading out for the day’s work?

Well, there might be one or two, but fresh bagels are definitely the top 3. Being fresh isn’t just enough, your bagels must be perfectly sliced and no other kitchen equipment does that better than the bagel slicer!

Have you been using knives to slice your bagels? That should end today! With knives, you’re prone to sustaining injuries and they don’t even cut your bagels perfectly as bagel slicers do.

An assortment of fresh bagels on a wooden table

Bagel slicers come with safety guards to prevent you from accidentally cutting your fingers and can be used to slice your bagels to various desired thickness levels.

Just how amazing is that?

So are you interested in getting the kitchen gadget that would make you look forward to breakfast every morning? We thought as much. Come with us as we review the very best products – there’s definitely one out there for you and it’s here on our list!

What is a Bagel Slicer?

Bagel slicers are simple kitchen utensils, but the best method of achieving perfect bagel slices. This product allows you to slice your bagels to your desired level of thickness and can also be used to slice buns, rolls, or muffins just in time for breakfast.

They have a strong frame with a wide base to make them sturdy and are fast and easy to use, achieving your desired results in 2-3 easy steps.

They are a better option than knives because they are safe to use; their designs feature a clear safety shield that prevents your fingers from coming in contact with the sharp blade.

Why do I need a Bagel Slicer?

There are a lot more reasons why you need a bagel slicer besides the fact that you enjoy well-sliced bagels. This kitchen utensil helps you cut your bagels into neat, even slices and it does that quickly too!

This product also comes with safety guards to prevent injuries. Hence, it’s a more efficient and safer alternative to using knives. They were built to withstand daily use so you can rely on bagel slicers to consistently provide you with incredible bagel slices.

If you enjoy bagel slices with cream cheese for breakfast you should definitely invest in this product.

Which Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bagel Slicer?

Whenever you’re shopping for new kitchen products, there are certain qualities you should always look out for. If you want to buy a bagel slicer, here are some of the factors you should consider.


This is number one on the list because, well, safety comes first! Before you check for anything else, make sure the bagel slicer you’re looking at has a built-in safety feature.

In this case, the safety feature would be two clear acrylic safety shields – one at the front and the other at the back of the sharp blade. You don’t stop there; look carefully to make sure those safety shields rise above the blade so your fingers never come in contact with the blade when you hold the handle.


Bagel slicers come in different designs but generally, you should look out for ones with a strong handle, stainless steel blades, and a sturdy base to support the product.

There should also be clear safety shields that cover the blade. The blade, safety shields, and handle should be connected utilizing brass rivets (usually two on each side, making four in total)

The base should have a slot where you put the bagels in for slicing. The frame and base are usually made from plastic and the stainless steel blade should have serrated cutting edges and must be Xylan-coated to make it non-stick for easy cleaning.


Besides providing you with perfect bagel slices, you might want to consider a product that offers more than that and allows you to slice other baked goodies like buns, muffins, croissants, etc., with great precision just like for bagels. It should also be able to slice large or small sizes of bagels and other baked products.


You don’t want to start stressing about cleaning after having breakfast.  Since the product has a blade, although shielded, an ideal product still should be dishwasher-safe to ensure safe, convenient, and fast cleaning.

However, if it’s not, it should be cleaned easily using just soap and water.

How to Use a Bagel Slicer?

Different product designs have their method of use, but most products come in a rectangular design which you can easily use in just three simple steps.

The first step is to firmly grab the non-slip handle with one hand while you securely hold the base with the other and then lift the handle of the bagel slicer from the base.

Doing this will reveal the triangular-shaped bagel slot in the base; proceed to place your bagel inside. Now, insert the handle back into the base and push straight down as the blade cuts through the bagel.

Tightly hold the base of your bagel slicer and use your other hand to lift the handle. Remove your perfectly sliced bagels and enjoy!

How to Sharpen a Bagel Slicer?

If eventually, your blade gets dull, you can resort to sharpening your blade instead of buying another product. So to go about this, you first have to remove your blade. How do you do that? Carefully remove the rivets from the side of the frame, be careful not to damage the plastic when doing that.

This would leave you with the blade and the clear acrylic safe shield. Carefully remove the shield from the blade and set it down. Locate the cutting edge and then place it on the sharpening stone vertically.

Find out your sharpening angle and then rotate the blade to that angle divided by two. Finally, rotate the blade half the distance left to obtain the sharpening angle.

Make sure you lubricate the stone before or during use.

Bagel Slicer Reviews

1. Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • Non-stick stainless steel blade
  • Sturdy frame
  • Safety guards
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Multi-purpose

Turn to Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer whenever you need neatly cut bagel slices. This product features a stainless steel blade that seats in a sturdy wide base and above it is a solid frame that also doubles as a handle for non-slip grips.

As a safety measure, there are double acrylic safety guards that house the blade to keep your fingers away from the sharp blade. The blade is made from stainless steel and is non-slip and Xylan-coated for consistent neat slices and durability.

The frame, blade, and safety guard are all joined together employing brass rivets on both sides to give an overall solid product. It’s also fast to use, providing you with sliced bagels in just three easy steps – just put your bagel in the slot of the base and push the blade right in with your hands safe on the handle and base.

That’s not all. This bagel slicer is dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance when you’re done using it.

2. Koozam Bagel Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Safety shields
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Versatile

Here’s another exciting product to help you achieve perfectly sliced bagels. Koozam Bagel Slicer is similar in design to Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer and offers almost the same features.

With this product, you can conveniently put your bagels in the slot of the base and then cut them into two perfect slices by shoving the blade in between.

The blade, made from stainless steel, has sharp cutting edges and is Xylan coated to ensure it lasts long.

Worrying about cutting your fingers? This product is safe to use and well-designed to ensure your fingers will never come in contact with the blade – all thanks to two acrylic safe shields housing the stainless steel blade.

When you’re not in the mood for bagels, you can rely on this product to provide you with perfect slices of rolls, muffins, or buns. What you might like the most is the fact that cleaning can also be done without hassle.

3. Tablecraft Firmgrip Bagel Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Long non-slip handle
  • Dishwasher-safe

If you’re more into portable designs, this right here is a product you might want to consider. It features a long handle made from plastic to ensure firm grips whenever you’re using it.

The stainless steel blade extends from the center of the handle with two long plastic safe shields on both sides to protect your fingers from getting hurt while using this product.

To use this product you’d have to hold your bagel in one hand while you use the other to insert the bagel knife and slice round.

It’s a portable product that will fit in any backpack for your outdoor trips.

4. Sweet Home Bee Bagel Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • Safety shield
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy operation

Whenever your meal calls for well-sliced bagels, this is the bagel slicer you run to! The design features a blade made from stainless steel to ensure it doesn’t get blunt (thanks to the Xylan coat and serrated blade edges) and keeps providing you with sharp, fast, and neatly sliced bagels.

Not just bagels, you can also use this product to slice your rolls, buns, muffins, or even bread. Considering there’s a sharp blade in the design, it’s quite important this product is safe to use and that’s why the makers included two safety shields to make sure your fingers never come in contact with the blade.

It’s compact and portable and will conveniently fit anywhere in your kitchen. Like those aren’t enough, this bagel slicer is non-stick to ensure easy cleaning and is dishwasher-safe for fast and hassle-free cleaning.

5. Homeries Bagel Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • Quality product
  • Safe to use
  • Versatile
  • Dishwasher-safe

If you like enjoying freshly baked bagels with cream cheese for breakfast then this is a must-have product for your kitchen.

This bagel slicer eliminates rough and uneven cuts to give you neat and perfectly sliced cuts.

How is that possible? Unlike bagel knives, this product makes use of a sharp stainless steel blade to run through your bagels at once leaving you with two well-sliced halves.

The frame and base are strong and sturdy with the former housing the blade and safety shield and the latter contains the slot in which bagels are placed for slicing.

This is a durable product that can withstand everyday use and can also be used for muffins and rolls. When you’re ready to clean, just throw in your dishwasher and let it do the magic for you. If you don’t own a dishwasher, however, it can also be cleaned manually with only soap and water.

6. Joie Bagel Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • Set of two
  • Side safe shields
  • Portable
  • Easy to use

This product design entails a base with the blade in it and two slant guides at the sides to keep the bagel firm at the center during cuts. It comes as a set of 2, that way there’s an extra option to make more sliced bagels.

It’s very easy to use, and fast too – it requires just one single step! Its compact design makes it convenient for storage, after use simply fold the slant guide edges into the center of the base to keep the blade covered, preventing injuries.

This product will be a great fit for those who don’t have much kitchen space; you can simply put it in your drawer after use. It’s perfect for outdoor use and can also be cleaned easily using soap and water.

7. Lifetime Brand Bagel Guillotine Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • Innovative design
  • Protective shield
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Sharp, non-stick blade

What might first catch your attention is this product’s stunning design, but it offers more than that. It has a guillotine blade that is non-stick and coated to ensure it keeps providing you with precise cuts for a long time.

It is fast, safe, easy to use, and you’ll enjoy your money’s worth. Worried about the safety of your fingers? There are protective shields that cover the blade to prevent any form of contact with your fingers.

With this bagel guillotine slicer, you’d never have stress cleaning because it’s dishwasher-safe. It’s convenient to carry from your kitchen to your tabletop as it weighs just 1.49 lbs. Also, its fascinating design makes it countertop-worthy and would be an excellent gift choice.

8. Winco Manual Bagel Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • Non-stick high-carbon blade
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Clear safeguard
  • Dishwasher-safe

Enjoy a great bagel breakfast by using this bagel slicer to make perfectly sliced bagels. It features a strong and firm handle with a reasonably wide and sturdy base.

Made from high-carbon steel, you can rely on this blade with serrated edges to consistently deliver perfect bagel slices. Just like most products, there are protective shields that house and rise above the blades to protect your fingers from getting hurt.

Even without prior knowledge of bagel slicers, you’ll find this product really easy to use. Also, maintenance won’t be an issue as you can clean easily making use of your dishwasher.

This bagel slicer won’t take much kitchen space and is the ideal addition to your kitchen utensils especially if you enjoy bagels a lot.

9. TableTop King Commercial Bagel Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Non-stick serrated steel blade
  • Clear protective shields
  • Easy storage

If you own a small kitchen or diner, here’s one product that might come in handy. It was designed specially to meet your commercial needs. There are two types available; light and heavy-duty.

The light-duty product comes in beige color and is designed for convenience stores and food trucks. On the other hand, the heavy-duty product comes in black and is a good fit for restaurants and bagel outlets.

You can rely on this product to give you neat bagel slices all thanks to its serrated blade cutting edges. The blade is made from steel to ensure its longevity and there are double transparent safe shields to give you a clear view and protect your fingers from injuries.

The handles allow safe, non-slip grip, and the compact design makes it possible for you to store them conveniently.

10. Halve Your Bagel’ Bagel Slicer

Highlighted Features

  • Quality
  • Multi-functions
  • Safe
  • Portable design

This product is the true definition of “last but not least”. It’s capable of holding small and large bagels and cutting them into your desired slices. It can also be used to slice rolls, muffins, croissants, and more.

This design, not just only gets the job done, it also ensures your safety by making sure your fingers never come in contact with the blade. It can be used at home and commercially in shops and cafes.

To use this product, open from the middle and insert your bagel and then place the blade of the knife on the bagel. Next up, place your fingers on the “hold here” sign on the sides of the product. Press the sides together until a slight pressure builds up and then slice the bagel just like you’re slicing bread – and just like that, you can enjoy your well-sliced bagels for breakfast.

Final Thoughts

If you like to have perfectly sliced bagels for breakfast then, without any iota of doubt, a bagel slicer is a piece of must-have equipment for your kitchen.

It’s a better alternative to knives and will serve you for a long period as they are made from reliable materials. They are also easy to use and maintain. Seriously, this product is your best bet for well-sliced bagels.

If you’re still having difficulties making a decision, here are a couple of recommendations that might be of help.

Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer is an excellent product and would be a great choice any time, any day. It boasts a sturdy base and strong frame with a stainless blade for reliable neat and even slices. It’s simply the best bagel slicer!

For people that prefer a not-so-expensive product, they can purchase the Tablecraft Firmgrip Bagel Knife which is another perfect option. It slices your bagels with ease with its stainless steel blades and the handles are soft and anti-slip for convenient and safe use.

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