How to use a Lansky Pocket Knife Sharpener

If you’ve just bought it and want to learn how to use a Lansky pocket knife sharpener, you’re in the right place!

We’ll share some useful tips about this brand’s awesome pocket sharpener for knives, as well as some reasons why it’s an increasingly popular must-have!

Lansky has been on the market since the 80s, is named after Arthur Lansky Levine who invented their signature controlled-angle sharpening system.

A first of its type, this system became instantly recognized among consumers and it still sells well today.

In addition to this system, you can also find various sharpeners in their wide range of products, including the pocket version, which is a must for people who sharpen their knives.

This type of compact sharpener is the best option to sharpen your pocket knives fast, efficiently, and easily, even when you’re in the great outdoors.

Lansky pocket knife sharpener on white background

How Does a Lansky Pocket Knife Sharpener Look Like?

This awesome pocket sharpener boasts four different types of sharpening stones and it’s placed inside a sturdy housing.

It’s praised for its compactness, tough construction, and practicality. It’s very reliable and each of the four sharpening stages does its job perfectly.

Interestingly, two of the sharpening stages are designed in a V-shape and are ceramic and carbide. The other ceramic is used for serrated blades and there’s also a diamond one.

This means that it’s sufficient for sharpening most of the blades you have, regardless of whether they have a serrated or straight blade. And, don’t let the small size fool you-this sharpener is solidly built and breakage or damage doesn’t easily happen!

It’s a favorite among huntsmen, fishermen, and campers, but it’s also a sharpener that every household will benefit from having around.

You’ll need only a couple of strokes to boost your blade’s sharpness and performance, without worrying if you’re doing it right.

Is the Lansky Pocket Knife Sharpener Suitable for Every Type of Blade?

A Lansky pocket knife sharpener is useful with both serrated and straight blades, but it works best with medium or a small one. Using it with bigger knives won’t provide optimal results and it will be a time-consuming process.

If you haven’t used it by now and this is a first, it’s recommended to find some older blades so that you can practice the right angle. Same as with any other tool, it’s essential to get a feel of the unit so that you know you’re doing a good job.

Below, check out what each of the sharpening slots on a Lansky pocket knife sharpener does:

  • Carbide

If you need to restore a very dull edge or sharpen a blade fast, use the carbide slot. It can actually be your go-to slot.

With only several strokes, you will revive even the dullest of blades. But, don’t forget it’s also a tough slot; so, it won’t be as gentle with the blade as the ceramic one.

With this in mind, avoid it if you have thinner blades to sharpen or if you just want to maintain a blade rather than sharpen it.

  • Ceramic

This slot is ideal for polishing and finishing blades and blades that are finer and thinner. Moreover, it’s awesome when used after sharpening the blade on the Carbide slot.

This is a less aggressive slot, making it great for daily or weekly maintenance of your knife collection.

  • Serrated

This is the ideal slot for getting inside serrations, regardless of whether they’re small or large. Remember to sharpen by moving the blade away from the fingers to prevent accidental injuries.

Also, take into account that the ceramic on this slot is harder than steel and may not wear out for a long time. Still, regular cleaning after use is pivotal since ceramic can darken if not properly maintained and this will end up diminishing its effectiveness.

  • Diamond

If you have knives with gut hooks, the diamond slot does an awesome job with them and other serrations. And, make sure you use it sparingly as it will wear off as time goes by from overuse!

How to Use a Lansky Pocket Knife Sharpener?

When you’re learning how to use a Lansky pocket knife sharpener, you need to point the rod down on a solid surface and keep the sharpener vertically.

It’s not something overly demanding or hard, but those who haven’t used it before may need a while to get adjusted. Also, it’s important to know which sharpening slot to use in a given situation.

Moreover, consider the type of Lansky pocket knife sharpener you have. Namely, although the C-Sharp (orange-colored) and the QuadSharp (blue-colored) are similar models, both with four sharpening angles and a bench stone for polishing or serrations, they’re not the same.

That is, the QuadSharp has carbide sharpening slots whereas the ones of the C-Sharp are ceramic. So, which one should you choose? -This will depend on various factors, including how you use your knives.

As carbide is more aggressive, it’s more suitable for setting up the angle of a very dull blade or when you want/need to sharpen a blade fast. This sharpener is awesome for everyday carry knives that are used frequently.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for a sharpener that will help you keep the edge of the blade and be gentler, the C-sharp is perfect. Its ceramic slots will make your blade’s edge as you want it, although it may take several strokes since it’s softer on the blade.

This is an awesome pick if you have expensive knives or you don’t want to expose your favorite ones to harsh materials!

What Are the Pros & Cons of a Lansky Pocket Sharpener?

As it’s the case with any other type of sharpener, the Lansky one also comes with its pros and cons. Here are some of them:


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile (various types of slots)
  • Compact design
  • Allows for different angle use
  • Priced reasonably
  • Ideal for small and medium blades


  • Doesn’t do well with bigger blades
  • It may require a few tries before getting the gist of it
  • Doesn’t stick to magnetic surfaces or magnetic racks

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever wondered how to use a Lansky pocket knife sharpener, this guide has once again proved that it’s a simple and intuitive process. This compact sharpener is awesome to carry with you and sharpen your blades quickly and efficiently.

A perfect fit for your bags or pockets, their design and versatility will transform your blades instantly. Versatile, compact, and easy to use, this multi-stage sharpener is everything you need to keep your blades happy!

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